Janyse Jaud Wins Music Award

I’d like to wish singer-songwriter and voice actor Janyse Jaud a hearty congratulations on her win for “Best Christian Contemporary” song at the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the remix version of “This Day is Mine” from her children’s album The Magic of Think.

Another of Janyse’s songs “That’s What I Love About You” was also nominated for “Best Jazz” song.

Janyse Jaud on the red carpet at the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. (Image courtesy HMMAwards.com

The event took place November 19th, but highlights from the event are available via the YouTube link below where you can view Janyse receiving her award (at the 4:30 mark) as well as footage of her red carpet appearance (at 6:20):

Additionally, there are 8 photos featuring Janyse on HMMAwards.com, which I’ve gone to the effort of finding in the gallery here and here.

A comment from Janyse is also listed on the site under “Testimonials”:

“Thank you for creating such an amazing event! I was excited about receiving two nominations, and then really excited about winning at the awards! I already have 3 companies wanting to pitch my songs, an interview with the top agency in L.A., and I’m collaborating with an L.A. songwriter! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!” ~Janyse Jaud – Singer/Songwriter/Voiceover~

Kelowna.com (which Janyse also calls her Canadian home) has a photo from a recent CD signing in the area, and the site also published an interview with Janyse on the 18th. Here’s an excerpt:

Janyse is proud to create music that not only makes people feel happy, but inspires and motivates as well.

“I combined my cartoon voices with my original music to help kids with their confidence. I decided to have it remixed to have it appeal to both kids and adults. It’s all about inspiration and motivation.”

Perhaps due to the motivational nature of her children’s CD, both of Janyse’s CDs found their way into the gift bags for both the Grammys and the Oscars last year, an accomplishment she downplays but is still proud of.

“Thousands of companies want to be chosen for the gift bags each year [in reality it’s probably tens of thousands]. I believe they were chosen because the children’s CD develops self esteem in a fun way.”

Janyse began writing music at the age of nine when she “got into band, and things snowballed from there”, but adds that she knew what she wanted to do even from the age of four.

In regards to her voiceover work, Janyse says, “I didn’t know that you could make a job from being a voiceover actor. As a kid I thought those characters were real. ‘Conan The Adventurer’ was my first job, and I played the heroine. When I do the gigs I usually go to Vancouver. Sometimes I can even do it here, recording it in my home studio and send it out to them. But usually they want you there.”

When asked which she enjoys more, music or voice acting, Janyse replies, “I love both. When you’re in a studio doing voiceover work you get to play with these characters; one day you’re a villain, next day you’re a little girl, next day you’re a pony. It’s a very fun job. Songwriting and singing is just as rewarding so there’s no clear winner.”

As for the common assumption that voice acting work is “easy”, Janyse explains, “It depends. Some actors come in and don’t know how to lift the words off the page properly. There is a craft to it. In voice over acting you get to become that character. When I’m Lady Death Strike in the Hulk, I take on that persona – the strength and the power. In My Little Pony it’s that cute innocent spirit of when you were four or five years old.”

You can listen to samples and download songs from Janyse’s recent Holiday album, The Magic of Christmas on iTunes or through her official website — JANYSE.com (including her children’s album).

You can also follow Janyse’s updates via Facebook and Twitter.


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