Happy 12th Blogiversary to Us!


November 16, 2011 marks the 12th anniversary of Voice Actors in the News since it began as a self-published fanzine.

To celebrate this occasion, we are pleased to announce…

After two years of planning, redesigning, upgrading, archiving and beta-testing (most of which I cannot take credit for), Voice Actors in the News has finally moved to its new home: VOICEACTORSNEWS.COM, graciously redesigned from scratch and hosted by toonzone.net.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly, and for our subscribers we do have an RSS feed available on the new site.

This plain white bread-looking version of the blog will no longer be updated, but will remain here for posterity. Our entire database here — more than 700 entries — has already been duplicated and archived on the new site.

Furthermore, The Voice Actors Appreciation Society — one of the web’s first communities for voice actor fans — also has a new home on toonzone’s forums.

Thanks to our fans for supporting us over the last 12 years. The new site will give us an opportunity to expand and grow far beyond what has been achieved here. And we will continue to provide daily entertainment news, info and resources related to voice actors and voice acting, as we strive to promote the work of and bring recognition to voice actors in all media.

~ Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton
Publisher, Voice Actors in the News

Moving Forward in 2011


Although our Facebook and Twitter pages for the blog are updated almost daily with fresh content, I must apologize to our regulars for the lack of updates and new content here on WordPress.

I began a massive archive project last October in preparations for a major blog overhaul and some big news for the blog’s future which I’d hoped to announce in November 2010. A series of technical issues has caused continual delays in making that announcement, but we hope it will finally all be worked out shortly.

What I can say presently is that a high-traffic site and popular web community has offered to host Voice Actors in the News, but the transition is taking longer than anticipated.

We hope to publish an official announcement of the new host and upcoming expanded content and features in development before the end of January 2011.

In the meantime, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily news and content.

~ Craig Crumpton
Publisher: Voice Actors in the News

Happy Blogiversary to Us!


November 16th, 2010 marks the 11th year since I first began publishing under the title Voice Actors in the News.

Over the course of a decade [you can read about the blog’s history here], it has progressed from a periodic newsletter focused on voice actors in animation to a blog covering entertainment news about voice actors in all forms of media.

It also used to be a newsletter that I self-published via The Voice Actors Appreciation Society, which even though the group had a few hundred members I didn’t even know if anyone was reading it since I rarely ever got any feedback on it. It was just something I did as a hobby.

After upgrading to a blog format in March 2009, I discovered that not only were others reading it, but within the few first months I was averaging around 100 readers per day.

And after seeing my readership triple in the first year, it became very clear to me that this was not a task I could continue to attempt on my own. I began reaching out to others in the fandom to assist as staff contributors and as of this posting we’re up to a staff of eight.

And just in this month of November, we have reached four more milestones with the blog:

– 150,000 blog views.
– 800 followers on Facebook.
– 500 followers on Twitter.
– And this wasn’t planned but it’s certainly appropriate that this marks my own 600th post on the blog since March 2009.

A very special thanks to my friends Brian and Harley at toonzone.net for being the first to give me a platform to publish my newsletter and for the continued years of friendship and support for my efforts.

Also special thanks to my longtime friends and fellow voice actor fans Kristy (Voicechasers.com), Doreen (Sites By Doreen), and Hillary (CultofCummings.com) — seeing their devotion to bring recognition to voice actors motivated me to spend the last 11 years writing about them.

And I attribute the incredible boost in blog traffic in 2010 to the addition of our staff contributors, whom I am most grateful that they have joined in this team effort: Doreen, Jeff, Mark, Kyle, Ashley, Sonia and Rosemary.

I’m very excited about some of the upcoming additions and expanded coverage for the blog, the first of which we will announce in the first quarter of 2011.

Thanks to all our readers out there — both the professional and fan community — for their support over the last 11 years. We will strive to continue and expand our efforts to serve the fandom and bring recognition to and appreciation for the work of voice actors.

Also thanks to my wife Joy being supportive of my non-profit hobby. She’s been very patient to wait for her chance to use the computer in little windows between the time I spend in service to the fandom online, and has tolerated my spending time blogging when I could have been doing other (and perhaps more important) things, and I love her for it.

~Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton
Publisher, Voice Actors in the News

‘Voice Actors in the News’ is Giving Away Free Stuff!


To commemorate the 11th anniversary of Voice Actors in the News, we’re going to be doing weekly prize giveaways starting in November. But you must be following the blog on Facebook and/or Twitter to win:




We will also have several announcements regarding the blog in November — preparations are being made for them to go live starting on 11/11/10.

Update: 11.09.2010 — Due to some technical issues related to the big announcement we had planned for the blog starting 11.11.10, we’re having to delay the release date. We’re now targeting Thanksgiving weekend for the big news. The prize giveaways will begin immediately following the upcoming announcement.

~ Craig Crumpton
Publisher, Voice Actors in the News

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?


I must apologize for my inactivity here over the last month. Besides being away from home for two weeks for a singing gig in Japan (which also included a few days in Southern California), I have needed to spend time with more urgent personal projects and haven’t been online much as a result.

In late February, I added my Twitter feed on the sidebar to the right so hopefully my faithful readers out there have taken note that I’ve been working on other things besides the blog. I’ll try to return to posting again soon with more regularity.

I’m sorry I missed out on promoting “International Talk Like William Shatner Day” (March 22), and I also missed mentioning that March marks a year since I began publishing with WordPress and already this niche blog has seen more than 93,000 views in a year’s time. Not too shabby.

I also have some important announcements regarding this blog which are forthcoming. But these things will have to wait until I can get more pressing projects completed.

Thank you for your patience with me in the meantime,

Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton

Temporary Hiatus


I must apologize to my readers that fresh posts may be scarce here over the next few weeks due to a family tragedy.

My nephew Matthew died last Friday evening of a rare heart defect, on his 15th birthday.

Matt was a multi-talented and very special young man. He was much-loved and will be greatly missed.

My wife and I are headed to Arkansas for the funeral and it’s possible I may not return home to Atlanta until sometime next week. And even then, I may need some time to sort through things before I can be fully active here again. But I will post as I have time to do so since I’ve been told by so many of my readers that they enjoy the service I offer to the fandom, and knowing that has given me plenty of motivation to post regularly…in spite of whatever’s going on in my personal life.

In the meantime, I would encourage my readers to browse the blogroll on the menu to the right, to which I’ve made more than two dozen additions in the last month (if you count the “Twit-roll” too). I also recommended here (in one of the last paragraphs) several voice acting-related blogs I read regularly.

Speaking of the Twit-roll, I’ve fallen behind with new additions — so many voice actors have joined the site in recent months that it’s hard to keep up with them all. However, I did create a personal list tagged with “voiceactors” that you’re more than welcome to browse.

Again, my apologies for the temporary hiatus, but it cannot be helped.

Thanks so much to those of you who have posted your condolences via Facebook and Twitter. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

– Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton
Publisher: Voice Actors in the News

Craig’s Craigslist Guide for Performers


The following article was originally published 1.05.2010 and has since been updated to include new info and updates on known scammers who troll for naive people to exploit via Craigslist.

I’ve been publishing this blog for 10 years as a service to my fellow voice actor fans, and I rarely post about my personal life to avoid appearing self-promotional. (If you actually have an interest in reading about me, click the “About the Blogger” tab above or visit my quirky and random VoxInSox personal blog.)

But I have been working solely as a performer since May 2008 (thanks to the “wonderful” U.S. economy) and one of my resources for finding work has been through Craigslist.org.

Now I realize that for some the mere mention of the site causes audible groans, acid reflux and possibly diarrhea too. I’ve heard some dismiss Craigslist outright as crap and/or say it’s nothing more than a giant cave where spammers and scammers lurk and try to lure the foolish and naive to their doom. And to a certain degree, I agree.

However, there is legitimate, paid work on Craigslist. You just have to learn how to filter through the crap, and I have plenty of experience with that… er, with Craigslist, that is. (I leave the physical handling of crap to trained professionals like Mike Rowe.)

The guide that follows was originally developed for performers in general, which I realize is not voice actor-specific and could be taken as somewhat “off-topic” for this blog. However, I know plenty of voice actors who scan Craigslist for VO work, as well as aspiring voice actors/beginners looking to gain more experience (and hopefully extra income). And the primary reason I took the time to write this guide is to help others avoid getting scammed, spammed or exploited via Craigslist.

This guide came about through years of personal experience scanning Craigslist ads to find work. It’s my misfortune that I learned through trial and error, but I’m the wiser for it and now you can benefit from my mistakes.

Craig’s Craigslist Guide for Performers

1. Avoid postings with obvious typos.

In my experience with Craigslist, posts which are full of typos, grammar errors and/or in ALLCAPS usually turn out to be crap. A minor typo or two is forgivable — mistakes do happen.

However, glaringly obvious and repeated errors in a casting notice on Craigslist are just plain tacky and unprofessional. They shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously if they can’t bother to proofread prior to posting.

AND NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL LIKE THEY’RE BEING YELLED AT WHEN THEY READ! Anything posted in ALLCAPS is not only hard on the eyes but to me says that the person who posted it is lazy and oblivious.

Ads with obvious errors like these tend to be common red flags for known scammers and spammers or projects produced by unprofessional people you don’t want to be involved with anyway.

2. Google Search is your friend.

If the post includes a phone number, physical location address, website, e-mail address, company/agency or individual’s full name, use Google Search to verify their legitimacy.

And on a related note: when researching phone numbers and e-mail addresses, if you note duplicate or similar listings in multiple regions, it’s often a sure sign of a spammer/scammer.

3. Do a background check.

If there is a company name and/or website listed, check with the Better Business Bureau — www.BBB.org — to make sure they don’t already have complaints filed against them before you submit. Other similar consumer-resource sites may also help, such as scam.com, ripoffreport.com, and easybackgroundcheck.com.

4. Check the link BEFORE you click.

If there is a website address in the ad, hold your cursor over the link before clicking to see what shows up as the actual URL in the bottom-left corner of your browser. This should work with both Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, or you can right-click on the link and scroll down to “Properties” to reveal the actual URL. Spammers and scammers are known to disguise URLs by encoding them with hidden elements or by using a redirect URL.

One site in particular is a repeat offender with this method of deceit: ExploreTalent.com. Just a quick Google search for “Explore Talent Scam” yields over 29,000 results with red flags galore: fraud reports with BBB.org, ripoffreport.com and many related sites and forums, including a well-researched blog report that was created just to warn others about this site and how to avoid getting ripped off by them.

Explore Talent masks their identity in Craigslist postings under many various domains they have registered and other redirect URLs (list compiled by Explore Talent Scam Fraud Reviews):


In December 2009, Explore Talent appears to have launched a massive web marketing propaganda campaign via Twitter and every single blog service and social networking site available in attempt to discredit sources which have cited them for fraud and other unscrupulous practices, including BBB.org and ripoffreport.com.

Each “blog” contains the same exact post, and like the ads they post on Craigslist, they’re full of crap.

5. Check with your peeps.

Make inquiry with your fellow performers via message board/forum to verify whether a company/agency/website/casting notice is legitimate…or not. I recommend the following forums (which I am also a member of):

6. Dummy e-mail accounts protect you from dummies.

Create a separate e-mail address (like Gmail) just for submitting for projects via Craigslist, and thus keep your regular, personal e-mail account spam-free.

7. No pay? No duh!

If there’s no mention of pay yet it doesn’t specifically say “no pay,” don’t bother e-mailing them to ask because there probably isn’t any. Trust me on this. My theory is that most notices that don’t mention pay are doing so deliberately so you will contact them to ask, and then they own your contact info to use and abuse.

8. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Yes, I know how clichéd that sounds, but this is also Craigslist we’re talking about here and it’s the truth.

9. Better safe than sorry.

Another cliché, but you really cannot be too cautious submitting via Craigslist for anything. And not just in submitting, but auditioning as well. If the venue turns out to be someone’s home (as has happened with me a few times), ask to meet them first in a very public place like a local coffee shop or food court in a mall. And I’d even suggest taking a friend with you too, just to be safe.

Some ads you’ll I.D. immediately as crazy, like this “Drunk Santa” ad I shared on TSCC. But sometimes Craigslist posts may appear legitimate and turn out to be total wackos, like what members have posted on VO-BB.com here and here about “sneezing” audition scams where fetishists were exploiting female voice talents. No joke. It’s too weird to make this stuff up. Voice actor Bobbin Beam also blogged about this back in March 2008.

That said, looking for work on Craigslist requires lots of caution and a great deal of discernment. And even taking extra precautions, I’ve still gotten spammed on occasion. But I’ll tell you that using the above methods really does help cut through the crap…which is an appropriate transition to my final point.

10. Craigslist is full of crap.

Seriously. I even joke with others that looking for legit acting work on Craigslist is like looking for gold in the sewer: most of it’s crap, but every now and then you find a nugget…which still might turn out to be crap too, or it looks like gold but turns out to be fool’s gold.

Jokes aside, I have booked many paid gigs through Craigslist in the last few years: product demo jobs, event hosting gigs, some decent-paying voiceover work, background work for film/TV, and performing as an entertainer for live events.

Granted, there’s a small percentage of return on your investment of time spent browsing and submitting, but those who audition for projects regularly should be accustomed to those odds anyway. And over time (and using this guide), you’ll find you can filter the crap quickly, especially when you tweak your searches. You just have to decide if it’s worth your time to sort through the crap to find the work. And as my dad liked to say, “It’s not work unless your hands get dirty.”

Closing notes:

I first published a rough draft of this guide on The Southern Casting Call, though it was more like simple suggestions then. I later revised and expanded it for the Shofax Forum on ActorsAccess.com. Afterwards I was asked to make this guide available outside the forums as a linkable resource, so there you go.

Feel free to share this guide with others, and links and pingbacks are both welcome and greatly appreciated, but please do not copy/paste this guide verbatim elsewhere without requesting permission in advance.

~ Craig Crumpton
Publisher, Voice Actors in the News

10 Years Ago in November, 1999…


After over a month’s absence (which I’ll explain shortly), I wanted to make sure I noted here that November 2009 marks the 10th year since I began publishing Voice Actors in the News. (If you’d like to read the history behind this blog, click the “About” link above.) And I’d been planning some big announcements to coincide with my 10th anniversary of service to the fandom. Unfortunately, the loss of my computer ruined all that as I don’t have access to any of the materials and projects I was working on to commemorate this milestone.

But I wanted to thank all my readers over the last 10 years for their support via Toon Zone (especially to Toon Zone founders Brian and Eileen “Harley” Cruz for offering me a platform for my newsletter) and the members of The Voice Actor Appreciation Society which served as the home for the newsletter for the greater part of this decade. And I’d also like to thank the many professional voice actors I’ve come into contact with over the years for their contributions to the newsletter and their compliments on the “work” I’ve done here as a labor of love for my fellow fans, and also to both the fans and professionals for the many friendships I’ve developed as a result.

I’d also like to offer a very special thanks to Kristy Sproul of VoiceChasers.com and Doreen Mulman of “Sites By Doreen” (aka LeftForever.com) for their friendship over the last decade.

If memory serves, I became friends with both Kristy and Doreen prior to starting this newsletter service. Our mutual admiration for voice actors and a love for animated cartoons helped to forge a bond of friendship which would later develop into an international community of fandom.

We voice actor enthusiasts may be a small niche fan group compared to most, but when I consider the years before discovering the Internet in the mid-90’s — when I thought I was alone in my hobby and appreciation for voice actors — it’s such a great feeling to know that there are others in the world who share the hobby and to be able to develop friendships and a sense of community with our fellow fans as well.

I don’t know when I’ll finally be able to announce what I had planned for the 10th Anniversary, but rest assured that when I do I think you’ll find it was worth the wait.

That being said, I must apologize to my faithful readers for my absence in the last month or so.

Besides my time online being severely limited due to working long hours on recent TV/film shoots and performing for some live events, I suffered an unfortunate setback a few weeks ago when my PC was infected by a vicious malware program that completely shut down my computer.

I have only limited web access in the meantime which will further delay updates until I can get the computer fixed.

I’m also going to be in Savannah, GA for about two weeks since I was cast in a featured role in The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford. I probably won’t have internet access while on this shoot, so I ask your patience until I can update regularly again around the second week of December.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to browse the Blogroll here for the various voice actor blogs and Twitter pages I’ve linked, particularly those by Kristy Sproul (VoiceChasers.com), Doreen Mulman (LeftForever.com and “Sites By Doreen” on Facebook), Mark Evanier (NewsFromME.com), Kyle Hebert (KyleHebert.com), Paul Rugg (froynlaven.blogspot.com), Vox Daily, VoiceOverXtra.com, Bob Souer (“The Voiceover Boblog” at BobSouer.com) and The toonzone regularly has voice-actor related news posts as well.

Although there are a number of VA-related blogs I read on a weekly basis — these are the ones I read most frequently.

And thanks again to my readers and friends for their support over the last decade.

– Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton
Publisher: Voice Actors in the News

The Great Atlanta Flood of 2009, and other reasons for a lack of updates


I apologize for the lack of updates recently, but I’ve been busy with quite a few TV/film gigs as well as live performances. Being that I’m a working actor, work takes priority over hobbies… such as this blog.

And I just booked working on “Due Date,” a Warner Bros. feature film directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School) and starring Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan. Although I look nothing like him, I’ve been hired as a stand-in for Zach Galifianakis, so I doubt I’ll have much time to update the blog over the next three weeks while I’m working on the film shoot in the Atlanta area.

Flood damage at Six Flags Over Georgia. Image courtesy ABC News.

Flood damage at Six Flags Over Georgia. Image courtesy ABC News.

Also, there’s kind of a major crisis where I live in the Atlanta area right now, with major interstates and many highways shut down due to flooding. And it looks like Six Flags Over Georgia may be changing it’s name to Six Flags Under Water. My wife and I are fine — we’ve only had about 10 inches of rain where we live, and no property damage at all, thankfully.

Speaking of the ATL flood, a Facebook friend of mine brought the following photo to my attention — I don’t know the source of this photo, and I certainly don’t mean to make light of the damage flooding has caused to surrounding Atlanta areas. But I just couldn’t help but laugh at this.

And the local weather forecast calls for rain through Sunday, so this isn’t over yet.

So anyway, I’m having to take a break from the blog for a bit. In the meantime, updates here will be extremely limited, and I apologize to my readers for having to go on temporary hiatus but blogging doesn’t pay the bills.

While I’m away, I would encourage new readers to poke through the archives. And my regulars should browse the ever-increasing blogroll, to which I’ve quietly made many additions every single week.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while I’m away, and I promise to have lots of new content and updates whenever I’m able to find some free time to do so.

There be dragons here…


Just giving a heads-up that there will be limited-to-no updates until sometime next week due to my attendance at Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, GA as a reporter for Toon Zone.

However, I will have reports from all the voice actor-related panels plus photos to share when I’m able to finally get some sleep after the convention ends.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting nightly news updates with D-Con coverage at Toon Zone through Monday, and already in Friday night’s post there are some details of interest to voice actor enthusiasts.

Voice actor guests at this convention include:

C. Martin Croker
Charlie Fleischer
Neil Kaplan
Richard Epcar
Scott Houle
Bob Bergen
Vic Mignogna
Dana Snyder
Unknown Hinson
Bobby Ellerby
Dave Willis
Jay Edwards
Ron Glass
Rick Forrester
Michael Brady
Doc Hammer
Jackson Publick
Alessandro Juliani
Scott Adsit
George Lowe

And some of the “celebrity” guests who have also performed voice-overs for various TV/film productions:

Patrick Stewart
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Malcolm McDowell
Anthony Daniels
Dwight Schultz
Peter Jurasik
Lani John Tapu
James Marsters
Edward James Almos
Dean Haglund

And the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is making their annual appearance and live performance at D-Con as well.

And there are likely a few guests I’m omitting, but I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment. And normally, I’d include some of their voice credits in parentheses, but I actually need to leave for the con… like, 10 minutes ago. You can view the full 2009 Dragon*Con guest list (and their credits) at Dragoncon.org.