May The Voice Be With You


TomTom has released the third in the series of official Star Wars character voices for their GPS devices.

Here’s “behind-the-scenes” video of Jedi master Yoda’s recording session (voiced by Tom Kane):

You can download Yoda’s voice for your TomTom navigational device for $12.95 US via Also available are Darth Vader, C-3PO, and in August 2010 — Han Solo.

Voice samples are also available on the website, and you can preview the voice “en route” via the VoiceSkins’ YouTube Channel (which also includes GPS voice demos for Darth Vader, C-3PO and Homer Simpson):

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Jolly Green-Grant Get Hitched


Seth Green and Clare Grant at the 61st Emmy Awards, 9.12.2009 (Photo courtesy, © Albert L. Ortega, PR Photos)

Congratulations to newlyweds Seth Green (Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum) and Clare Grant who tied the knot May 1st during a private ceremony at a vineyard outside of San Francisco, CA. (Weird Al Yankovic was a wedding guest.)

Grant is a native of Memphis, TN and has voiced characters on Robot Chicken.

For more photos and wedding details, visit the links below:

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The What I’m Pondering Weakly III


Continuing my series of random thoughts on random Tuesdays… blogs about the original voice of Darth Vader, as performed by David Prowse, presented via a video clip from the 2004 documentary Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy.

In turn, covers’s post with the headline: “Darth Vader’s Original Wimpy Voice Revealed.”

“Revealed”? Hellooooo, McHuffington! That’s from 2004! It’s only “news” if you haven’t seen it yet.

Dee Bradley Baker Interviewed

02.09.2010 has a photo and interview with Dee Bradley Baker discussing his role as the grouchy screwdriver “Turner” on Playhouse Disney’s Handy Manny.

Baker says he has been performing since he was 9. “The school I was going to was producing the musical ‘Oliver.’ I auditioned, I’d never done a play before, and they gave me the role of Oliver.”

Baker says he’s “done a show almost every year since, if not on a stage, then in a theme park or other venues”: “I have always performed because I liked doing it so much.”

Baker adds that he enjoys being a voice actor as opposed to on-camera because he likes the anonymity and it gives him an opportunity to play a variety of characters.

“If you get on [an on-camera] show that’s a big hit, that might be the last show you ever do, or at least the only show you’ll do while it’s up and running. Off camera as a voice actor, I can do something for Disney or monsters for a game for teenagers. It offers great flexibility. Anonymity is a valuable asset of the career; you can go buy a rutabaga and not be mobbed at the grocery store.”

And as a bonus, here’s an interview with Baker on from Nov. 9th discussing his roles as the clone troopers and Queen Karina on Cartoon Network’s The Clone Wars.

Baker recently appeared in a supporting role on Nick’s Big Time Rush (previously reported here).

And so you don’t have to look them up on YouTube, here’s a few fairly recent video interviews:

– “Game On Grapevine” on Clone Wars, Daffy Duck and Monster SFX:

– MaximoTV on ‘Handy Manny’:

– at Comic-Con:

You can keep up with Baker’s current and upcoming projects via Twitter (@deebradleybaker) and his official site

Greg Proops Talks Star Wars Villain

02.07.2010 interviews comedian/actor Greg Proops on voicing Fode, one of two heads of the Podrace announcers in The Phantom Menace and villain Senator Tal Merrik in The Clone Wars episode “Voyage of Temptation.”

Proops has live events currently scheduled through July 2010. Visit for the complete schedule.

I’ll have more Star Wars-related VA interviews to share in a separate post.

CVG Interviews Mark Hamill

01.14.2010 has an interview with Mark Hamill discussing his performance as Joker through the animated Batman franchise, Star Wars, his video game voice work, and how opinion has changed in Hollywood regarding voice acting in video games.

Oh, and I normally don’t link to articles that link to the interview I’m linking to, but you absolutely must see this image that created to accompany their mention of Hamill’s interview.

And speaking of Batman, I’ve updated a previous feature on the voices of Batman.

Also on a related note, offers a retrospective on “Batman: The Animated Series,” making an observation on the importance of the voice casting:

[T]he Joker…is notable for the fact that he gave Mark Hamill a whole new career for himself in voice acting. The series not only refined the characters in this series but even refined someone outside of the series. Mark Hamill was only known for one thing for his career and that was for his role of Luke Skywalker. It’s no slouch role, but it’s still one role. Thanks to his iconic portrayal of the Joker, Hamill was given new life as a major prolific voice actor.

Hamill was originally only in for a guest voice-role before the producers noticed they had no one to play the Joker. They offered the role to Hamill and he nailed the part perfectly. The way Hamill would cheerfully express the Joker’s disturbed feelings flawlessly suited what the series was going for. A major part of his success attributes to the contributions of the other voice actors. Instead of simply reading the words from a script separately from the rest of the cast, the crew recorded their voices together in a studio where they have the benefit of reacting to one another. The result led to being totally in complete character without missing a beat. That really sounds like super fun and I’m sure they all enjoyed working with each other rather than working separately.

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NY Daily News Interviews ‘Clone Wars’ Cast


The New York Daily News has an interview (and photos) with the cast of Cartoon Network’s hit series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan), Tom Kane (Yoda, Narrator), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka) and Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Troopers).

Elsewhere, The Sacramento Bee has an interview with Anthony Daniels, who continues his legacy as the voice of C3PO for the TV series. Daniels discusses his involvement with Star Wars in Concert which is currently on a nationwide U.S. tour through December 2009.

[Thanks to Kyle Hebert for the heads-up on The Clone Wars interview.]

Seth MacFarlane in Court, on Hulu, and on ‘Star Wars’


TMZ reports that a federal judge has tossed a claim against Seth MacFarlane that the “When You Wish Upon A Weinstein” episode of Family Guy was in violation of copyright. The judge further rejected even the notion that the musical parody of When You Wish Upon A Star would cause “harm by association.”

In related news, Seth MacFarlane has become the latest spokesperson for popular streaming video site In the new ad, Seth performs a handful of his Family Guy character voices, which you can view by clicking here.

And speaking of Family Guy

In a recent interview with Crave Online, when asked about the upcoming Family Guy follow-up to their previous Star Wars spoof, Blue Harvest, MacFarlane says, “It’s coming. It will air either in the spring or the early, early fall.” A third Star Wars parody is planned as well, with the current working title of “Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper.”