Exclusive: InvaderCON Photos


We have been plugging InvaderCON through our blog’s Facebook page ever since InvaderCON was first announced, and Voice Actors in the News publisher Craig Crumpton has been in attendance at this first (and only!) convention devoted to fans of Nickelodeon’s cult classic animated series Invader ZIM.

Full coverage of the event will be provided via toonzone.net following the convention.

In the meantime, please enjoy some photos from Saturday’s events:

Video has already surfaced on YouTube from Saturday’s live performance of unpublished Invader ZIM scripts:

Many thanks to YouTube user NeoCloud9 for sharing these videos with the fans.

And a special thanks to Green Mustard Entertaiment for providing a media pass for this event.

~ Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton
Publisher, Voice Actors in the News

Nick Magazine Interviews Amy Poehler


The July 2009 print edition of Nick Magazine includes an interview with The Mighty B co-creator and star Amy Poehler discussing the show’s characters and behind-the-scenes details. Here’s an excerpt:

Before recording, I drink a lot of coffee and I jump around. I also stand up the whole time I’m recording. I can’t really sit down because you can tell the difference when you hear it. The engineer sees me pacing around the booth a lot.

The July print edition is available on newsstands through July 14th.

And as a bonus, here’s a brief video promo with Amy “helping” behind-the-scenes on The Mighty B “Dragonflies” special which aired in June.

NICK Magazine Interviews Tom Kenny


The April 2009 print edition of NICK Magazine includes an interview with Tom Kenny on the upcoming TV special, “SpongeBob SquarePants vs the Big One”:

Q: Do you ever talk like SpongeBob by accident?

A: After doing it for ten years, there are times when something happens and I react like he would. He kind of takes over for a couple of seconds. It’s like having a really nice werewolf inside of you — a really positive, can-do, friendly werewolf.

Q: Do you ever hear kids imitating SpongeBob’s voice?

A: Yes. Some of them do it better than me, which is worrisome. When it’s time for me to hang up the SpongeBob shoes — hopefully, sixty years from now — there’ll be some kid waiting to carry the torch.

The new SpongeBob special airs Friday, April 17th, at 8 PM, and features the voice of Johnny Depp as “Johnny Kahuna Laguna.” It was previously released on DVD March 3rd, 2009, and one of the bonus features included is “Plankton’s Special Sinister Commentary” by Mr. Lawrence (aka Doug Lawrence), voice actor from SpongeBob, Camp Lazlo, and Rocko’s Modern Life.

And here’s a bonus video treat from Halloween 2006 with Tom performing “Best Day Ever” live at a Nickelodeon event in NYC’s Central Park.

In related news, SpongeBob SquarePants was declared “Favorite Cartoon” in Nick’s 2009 Kids Choice Awards, winning out over nominees Phineas and Ferb, The Fairly Odd Parents, and The Simpsons.

Previous Tom Kenny report: 3.21.2009 — Take a Cruise With Tom Kenny

‘Wonder Pets’ Danica Lee Interviewed


Danica Lee, the 10-year old, twice Emmy-nominated cast member of Nickelodeon’s Wonder Pets talks with The Ashbury Park Press about getting to meet Kevin Clash (voice and performer of Elmo) and what it’s like being the voice of Ming-Ming on Wonder Pets.

Ming-Ming follows in the footsteps of Tweety Bird, another yellow bird with an unorthodox speech pattern. Ming-Ming’s lisp is played for laughs, as the duckling speaks lines too sophisticated for her years. “I never had a lisp; they actually wanted her to have a lisp,” said Danica of the show’s creators. “After a while, it became natural, so now I can speak in two voices, and that’s kind of cool. It’s also funny because Ming-Ming is supposed to be 3 years old and how would a 3-year-old know all those words, the vocabulary that I’m saying?”

It can be startling to hear Ming-Ming’s perky voice emerge from Danica Lee, especially for preschoolers who might think Ming-Ming is a real duckling.

Upon request during the interview, Danica tried out her Ming-Ming voice on a 4-year-old fan.

“This is sewious!” Danica cried. “We need to save the baby animals wight now!”

Her young fan seemed unnerved, and she couldn’t really grasp the concept of a “voice actor.”

“Oh, don’t ruin it for her,” [Danica’s mother] Lisa Lee said. “Let her enjoy the magic of it.”

Danica herself has been enjoying every bit of magic on “The Wonder Pets!”

“I get to do so many things I love,” she said, petting a plush Ming-Ming doll. “It’s so much fun.”

Click here to read the complete interview.