Featured Voices: Kerrigan Mahan


The San Luis Obispo Tribune interviews voice actor Kerrigan Mahan on talking his way out of a traffic ticket, Robotech (his first voice gig), celebrity voice matching, and why Team Knight Rider failed. Here’s an excerpt with Mahan discussing how he was replaced as the voice of Goldar for the Power Rangers movie:

Power Rangers” became a huge success — and a merchandising empire. Still, the voice actors were paid modestly, about $600 per episode — which was the same money they were offered to do a movie with a $40 million budget. When the actors declined, they were replaced.

“And we hear down the pike that they did a little test screening,” Mahan said. “And it didn’t go so well.”

The original actors were rehired and offered more — $8,000.

“Could we have gotten more?” Mahan said. “I don’t see how we couldn’t have.”

Mahan adds at the close of the interview that he is adapting a screenplay of “Paint It Black,” from best-selling novelist Janet Fitch (“White Oleander”), and if the screenplay is a hit, fans can “expect less voice work” because Mahan says he’s “segued to writing.”