Seth MacFarlane Pays Off U.S. National Deficit


Family Guy creator/writer/voice actor Seth MacFarlane met with U.S. President Barack Obama at The White House in Washington, D.C. yesterday to deliver a fleet of garbage trucks filled with enough cash to pay off the trillion-dollar national debt.

“Well,” MacFarlane said in yesterday’s press conference, “I just had all this money laying around the mansion from all the giggity-gazillion dollars FOX pays me to keep cranking out animated pop culture references, racial jokes, and religious slurs. I just wanted to do my part to help stimulate the economy.”

When asked what he expected to get in return for such ludicrous generosity, MacFarlane said, “Oh, nothing much… just that I be named the official Supreme Ruler and King of The United States. And, that the remaining cast members from The Facts of Life dress up like French maids and clean my mansion. For the rest of their lives. And that includes George Clooney.”

George Clooney could not be reached for comment.