Complete List of Dragon*Con Voice Actor Events


I’ve been asked by several individuals attending Dragon*Con if I would list all of the voice actor panels I’m involved with along with other related panels of note. As you will see below, there are so many related events that this was a rather daunting task. I hope my efforts will be useful as a guide to those attending the con.

Please note that the schedule and guests listed below are subject to change. Check The Daily Dragon regularly for up-to-the-minute schedule and guest updates.

Locations for each panel/event are not listed due to the possibility of changes. For those attending Dragon*Con please check your Pocket Program Guide, and every morning when you arrive at the con be sure to pick up a copy of The Daily Dragon from the local D*Con Info booth which contains all updates and changes.


– 10:00 AM – Snydecast & FRED Entertainment
Featuring Dana Snyder.

– 11:30 AM – Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Squidbillies Panel
Featuring live script reads with a full cast: Jim Fortier, Dave Willis, Carey Means, Daniel Baker (Unknown Hinson), Daniel McDevitt, Dana Snyder, Bobby Ellerbee, Mary Kraft, and Scott Hilley. Autograph session to follow.

– 1:00 PM – Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Rifftrax)

– 2:30 PM – Trace Beaulieu (MST3K, Cinematic Titanic)

– 2:30 PM – Meet the Stars of Star Wars
Featuring Clone Wars cast members Ashley Eckstein, Phil LaMarr and Daniel Logan.

– 2:30 PM – Voice Acting for Podcasters
Panel description: “Learn the finer points of voice acting and voice overs to enhance your podcast.” [No industry guests listed for this event.]

– 4:00 PM – Darkstar: The Interactive Movie
Featuring MST3K’s Trace Beaulieu

– 4:00 PM – Voice Actors
Panel moderated by Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton, featuring panelists C. Martin Croker, George Lowe, Billy West, Dana Snyder, and John DiMaggio. (Additional guests possible for this panel.)

– 5:30 PM – The Animation Fan Fun Panel
Hosted by yours truly, Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton, with special industry guests (TBA). Light on commentary and packed with voice actor improv, a wild Old Time Radio script read, and trivia contest with prizes. Sponsored by and Voice Actors in the News.

– 5:30 PM – Akira: The Great Dub Debate – Streamline or Pioneer?
Fan panel discussing the two dubs of the classic anime film.

– 7:00 PM – Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Live performance by local audio drama troupe.

– 7:00 PM – [adult swim] Comedy
Fan panel with industry guests TBA.

– 8:30 PM – Aqua Teen Hunger Force Fan Panel
Industry guests also possible for this panel.

– 8:30 PM – MST3K and Cinematic Titanic
Historic live performance featuring Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, and J. Weinstein. [This is nearly a 6-hour event.]

– 1:30 AM – WEEP
Live concert featuring Venture Bros‘ Doc Hammer on lead vocals and guitar.


– 11:30 AM – Voice Actors
Panel moderated by Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton, featuring panelists C. Martin Croker, George Lowe, Billy West, Dana Snyder, John DiMaggio, and Tom Kenny. (Additional guests possible for this panel.)

– 11:30 AM – MST3K
Panel presentation featuring Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, and J. Weinstein.

– 1:00 PM – Venture Bros. Guests
Featuring Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Autograph session to follow.

– 1:00 PM – FUNimation Entertainment Industry Panel and Q&A
Possible industry guests in attendance.

– 1:00 PM – Star Wars Costume Contest
Emceed by Ashley Eckstein.

– 4:00 PM – Bizarro Saturday Morning
Adult Swim voice actor/animator/artist C. Martin Croker hosts this vintage film showcase. Here’s Clay’s description of the show:
“Bizarro Saturday Morning” is a film series (all 16mm from my own collection) that I’ve shown around the South – but primarily at [Atlanta’s] Historic Plaza Theater – of vintage, rarely seen and usually offbeat cartoons from the 1930s through the 1980s intercut with vintage Toy and TV spots mostly from the 1960s and 70s.”

– 4:00 PM – Meet the Stars of Star Wars
Featuring Phil LaMarr and Daniel Logan.

– 8:30 PM – Quantum Quest
Animated feature film screening with guest Tom Kenny.

– 8:30 PM – FUNimation presents: Anime’s Greatest Hits – The Best Scenes
Possible industry guests in attendance.

– 10:00 PM – Nuts on the Road: The Quiz Show
Improvised game show with contestants Dana Snyder, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, Adam Savage, J. Weinstein and Kevin Murphy.


– 10:00 AM – Tom Servo vs Tom Servo
MST3K event featuring Kevin Murphy vs J. Elvis Weinstein.

– 11:30 AM – Squidbillies Fan Panel
Possible industry guests in attendance.

– 11:30 AM – Gargoyles: The Animated Series
Featuring cast members Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

– 1:00 PM – Stories with Uncle George
George Lowe’s popular one-man panel show.

– 1:00 PM – Meet the Stars of Star Wars
Featuring Daniel Logan and Ashley Eckstein.

– 2:30 PM – Voice Acting Workshop
Featuring voice-over professional September Day and anime/video game voice actor Bob Carter.
Panel description: “Ever wanted to break into the voice over industry but just didn’t know where to start? Don’t have thousands to spend flying out to Los Angeles or New York for weekend-long workshops? How about coming to a workshop to learn what it REALLY takes to get started in this awesome industry right here in Atlanta? You don’t need a ton of money to launch your voice over career!”

– 2:30 PM – MST3K: Meet the Mads
Panel featuring Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl, J. Weinstein, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.

– 4:00 PM – Futurama Cast Panel
Featuring Billy West, John DiMaggio and Phil LaMarr. (Maurice LaMarche unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at the convention.)

– 4:00 PM – Master Shake Tells it Like it Is
Featuring Dana Snyder.

– 5:30 – FUNimation Anime Sneak Peaks and Prizes
Possible industry guests in attendance.

– 5:30 – Meet Chad Vader!
Featuring the star of popular YouTube adventures of Darth Vader’s less fortunate brother, Chad Vader, who has also voiced Vader for LucasArts video games.

– 5:30 PM – Rifftrax Live…sort of
Featuring Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy.

– 7:00 PM – What’s on Dana Snyder’s iPod
Featuring Dana Snyder.

– 7:00 PM – Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Live peformance.

– 8:30 PM – David Bowie: Loving the Alien
Featuring Doc Hammer.


– 10:00 AM – Clone Wars & Star Wars Cartoons
Featuring Phil LaMarr and Ashley Eckstein.

Other celebrity guests will be in attendance who have voiced characters for animated productions. Please check the Pocket Program Guide for the panels and autograph sessions they are participating in.

Thanks to all the following sites for providing detailed schedules for Dragon*Con:

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Spaces Still Available for Upcoming Voice Acting Workshops


Just passing this info along as a favor to some friends. And as an FYI — I’ve had voice acting training/coaching with nearly all the individuals listed below and personally recommend them.

BOB CARTER and SEPTEMBER DAY LEACH in Atlanta, GA — Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Bob Carter. (Photo credit: Tyler Mason via

Bob Carter. (Photo credit: Tyler Mason via

Voice-over actors September Day Leach and Bob Carter are teaching a joint voice-over workshop near downtown Atlanta, GA this weekend.

September is a full-time voice talent who has worked for such clients as MTV, ABC, IKEA, Skecher’s, Levi’s, Honda, and Toyota, and was the promo voice of Skynet for the Warner Bros feature film Terminator: Salvation.

Bob Carter’s name should be very familiar to anime fans, as he has voiced characters for such popular titles as Case Closed, Dragon Ball series, Samurai 7, Evangelion series, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Speed Grapher, as well as the video games Halo Wars and Street Fighter IV.

The class takes place at Captive Sound Studios this Saturday only in Atlanta, GA from 10 AM – 5 PM. There are only a few spaces left as of this writing. If you live near the Atlanta area, I highly recommend calling September ASAP to get in on this opportunity — at a cost of only $150, this class is a tremendous value and would be a great investment for any actor’s career. For full details on the workshop, see September’s post on

To reserve your space, please contact September through her website:

And here’s my personal recommendation after attending a previous workshop by September:

I’ve known September for about a year now — met her through some fellow Atlanta-area voiceover talents. She’s not only friendly and personable, she’s a consummate and experienced professional VO talent whose credits and clients speak for themselves. As for her workshop — I have had workshops and coaching with some well-known voiceover/voice acting instructors: Bob Bergen, Bill Holmes, Tony Gonzales, Patrick Fraley, Susan Berkley, and James Alburger. And I personally attended one of September’s recent workshops. She was well-prepared, well-spoken, helpful, informative, and especially knowledgeable of the Atlanta market and the tools, talent, and resources needed to get started and to ensure success. I would highly recommend her workshop not only for aspiring voice actors interested in breaking into the voiceover industry, but also for actors and performers interested in expanding their marketability and increasing income opportunities.”

August 15-16, 2009

Michael Bell. (Photo credit: Lynnanne Zager)

Michael Bell. (Photo credit: Lynnanne Zager)

Cartoon voice acting legend Michael Bell (Transformers, G.I. Joe, etc., etc.), and voice actor/ADR casting/voice director Lynnanne Zager (Monsters Vs. Aliens, Madagascar) are teaching a joint “two-day voiceover intensive” workshop for actors Saturday/Sunday August 15-16 from 9 AM – 1 PM at RH Factor Sound Studios in Burbank, CA.

Michael should really need no introduction to animation fans, as he’s voiced literally hundreds of cartoon characters over the last 3-4 decades. I did a piece here on the blog for Michael’s birthday with highlights of his voice acting career.

Lynnanne is also a prolific voice actor with more than 100 TV series and feature films to her credit. She also once served as an assistant for animation legend Tex Avery. She shares her history with Michael and as a voice actor via e-mail:

I have known Michael Bell since 1981 when we met at Hanna-Barbera studios. I was a typist, then worked with Tex Avery as his assistant right before he died, typed for Andy Heyward and then was the Talent Coordinator working with Gordon Hunt and Ginny McSwain. I was so fortunate to have landed at HB as a young actor – never imagining that I would end up being a voice actor myself. I only saw myself as a younger version of Meryl Streep doing Shakespeare in the Park.

Today I am a voice actor, teacher and casting director (for ADR kids voices). I teach for the Kalmenson’s and do workshops in ADR VO Acting for Teens and Kids.

The cost of this workshop is is $500 ($100 non-refundable deposit in advance to reserve a spot), and there are only a few spaces left of the 12 available.

To reserve your spot, please contact Lynnanne Zager:
Phone: 818-516-5726

Click here to view the flyer for the event.

BOB BERGEN in Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, NYC

Bob Bergen has the distinction of having lived a lifelong childhood dream to become the voice of Porky Pig, which he has now been performing for a number of animated projects since we lost cartoon voice acting legend Mel Blanc in 1989.

But Bob actually began his voice acting career in the early 1980’s — his first noteworthy lead role in animation was providing the voice of Wembley in the animated version of Fraggle Rock (1987). Bob’s since voiced characters for many, many other animated TV series and feature films.

[A little addendum here from Bob, after my article first posted: “Although I hold a place in my heart for Fraggle Rock, it was in no way my first gig. I’d been in the biz for a good 5 years before I booked that show. Gremlins was a good 3 years before Fraggle. That was probably the first major gig. But I’d still done oodles of commercials, cartoons, etc., before Fraggle.”]

I’ve known Bob for about a decade as well, and have had the privilege of taking two of Bob’s workshops which were a great experience that I heartily recommend to others. The last workshop I took with him, I actually had an audition the same day for a TV pilot. With Bob’s instruction fresh in my head, I used one of his specific techniques during my audition and afterwards I actually booked the role.

Bob has upcoming workshops in Portland, OR (August 15-16), a Voicelympics Vancouver-to-LA workshop/cruise with Deb Munro (September 21-26), Chicago, IL (October 3-4), Orlando, FL (November 14-15), and New York City (December 5-6). Bob will also be a guest at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA on Labor Day weekend September 4-7 (I’m also organizing a meet-up dinner with Bob that weekend), and will be performing his one-man show So, Here’s The Deal! during his weekend in Chicago on October 2nd.

To reserve your spot for any of these events, see Bob’s website for further details:

Here’s the trailer for Bob’s show:

PAT FRALEY in San Francisco, Detroit, Buffalo

Pat Fraley has been voicing cartoon characters for more than 30 years, and is widely considered one of the top voice acting instructors in the country. I’ve gotten to know Pat through e-mail and phone conversations since the 90’s, and have promoted many of his great audio products via “Voice Actors in the News” over the last decade.

Pat has upcoming workshops in San Francisco, CA (Saturday, August 8th), Detroit, MI (August 15th), and Buffalo, NY (September 19th). If you live anywhere near these areas and have an interest in enhancing and enriching your acting skills, you really should make an effort to attend. More details are available on Pat’s website at

Pat now has his own YouTube Channel where he has been uploading some of the free audio lessons from his website, but the videos include photographs from his workshop events (some of which feature photos of his celebrity guests, like Ed Asner). Here’s Pat’s tutorial on auditioning:

For a calendar of other upcoming voice-over workshops, please visit and

And on a related note, the previously reported teleconference classes being offered by Lani Minella have since sold out. I’ll get an update from Lani to see if she might be hosting these events again in the future.