Want to Audition for Family Guy or The Simpsons?


This article was originally published 2.08.2010. Please scroll down to read the most recent updates and additions.

On Feb. 1st, Backstage.com published a list of TV Pilot Production Listings. Now, I’ll grant that unless you’re a working actor, that might not be of any interest to you. And for animation fans, the list is worth noting for details on upcoming animated productions.

But both beginning and professional voice actors should find this HUGELY interesting as it includes contact info for the casting directors of such popular animated shows as Family Guy, American Dad and The Simpsons.

But before I share that info, please note Backstage’s preface to their article:

The following listings are not casting notices but instead reflect the best general information available about current casting assignments. Do your homework and use them wisely. Do not phone or visit casting directors’ offices. Unless otherwise instructed, all contact with casting directors should be through the mail. Blind mass mailings are not recommended.

And I must also emphasize that this is not a notice for an “open call” or even an audition, frankly. However, you could *submit* for an audition by sending a demo through the mailing addresses Backstage.com provides. Chances are very small that such a demo would even be heard, but there’s no harm in submitting anyway.

American Dad – Linda Lamontagne, 5700 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 325, L.A., CA 90035.

Family Guy – Linda Lamontagne, 5700 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 325, L.A., CA 90036.

King of the Hill – Mossberg/Anthony Casting, 4024 Radford Ave., Trailer 800, Studio City, CA 91604

The Simpsons – Bonita Pietila, c/o 20th Century Fox Studios, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Trailer 730, L.A., CA 90035

You’re likely as surprised as I am to see King of the Hill mentioned, especially since FOX announced August 2009 that the one-hour season finale would effectively end the series. I don’t think fans should take this as any kind of sign — or even a glimmer of hope — that further production for the series is planned. There have been no official announcements to date otherwise.

As an addendum to Backstage’s article, I have a related list for which I have opted to not disclose the source out of professional courtesy since it was from an agency.

Update: 2.11.2010 — I have tracked down what I believe to be the original source of the casting information which I received via an agency in mid-January.

The source is NowCasting.com — a reputable casting site widely used throughout the TV/film industry. Some TV/film productions I’ve worked on personally as background, stand-in and in a featured role have posted casting notices through this site. (Just to name one: Tyler Perry Studios.)

Note that the names of casting directors ARE included, but no direct contact information is given. If you want that info, you’ll have to track it down on your own or “upgrade” to a paid membership with NowCasting as it mentions on the linked pdf file.

The following list (which according to the document was originally published Jan. 7th, 2010) is worth noting not only for the “currently casting” info but also for the current and upcoming animated series and TV specials (aka “MOW” or “movie-of-the-week”) included in the list which are related to productions which air (or will air) on FOX, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. (I did not include any Nick or Disney shows because all the Nick and Disney shows on NowCasting.com’s list are live-action.)

American Dad (FOX): currently casting
Eagleheart – 1/2 hour pilot (CN): currently casting
Family Guy – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
Firebreather – MOW (CN): wrapped
Kamen Rider – 1/2 hour (CN): on hiatus
Robot Chicken – 1/2 hour (CN): on hiatus
The Tiger’s Apprentice – MOW (CN): wrapped
Titan Maximum – 1/2 hour (CN): currently casting
Delocated – 1/2 hour (CN): currently casting
Futurama – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
The Simpsons – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
The Cleveland Show – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
Untitled Green/Root/Senerich Project (FOX) – 1/2 hour pilot: currently casting

Update: 2.09.2010 — Following the feedback on sites which have also carried this news, it seems I must point out they are neither “recasting” nor “replacing” any of the cast members for the recurring series listed. Backstage.com merely provided the contact address for the casting directors. And NowCasting.com’s list which mentions that shows like Family Guy and American Dad are “currently casting” means that they are possibly casting for incidental characters, guest stars, etc. — *not* the main or supporting cast.

Update: 2.11.2010 — According to one of Futurama’s writers, the show “isn’t casting voice actors.”

Update: 4.08.2010 — NowCasting.com published an updated list on 3.09.2010. And my apologies that I am just now updating this article following this new information, but I was in Japan for two weeks when this notice was released and am just now catching up on backlogged messages.

Here’s the updated list:

American Dad (FOX): currently casting
Family Guy – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
Firebreather – MOW (CN): wrapped
Kamen Rider – 1/2 hour (CN): wrapped
Robot Chicken – 1/2 hour (CN): currently casting
The Tiger’s Apprentice – MOW (CN): wrapped
Horrorbots – 1/2 hour (CN): wrapped
Children’s Hospital – 1/2 hour (CN): currently casting
Scooby Doo – MOW (CN): currently casting [This has been confirmed as a live-action TV movie following a March 12th press release.]
Titan Maximum – 1/2 hour (CN): currently casting
Delocated – 1/2 hour (CN): wrapped
Futurama – 1/2 hour (FOX): still listed as “currently casting” [see earlier note from February above]
The Simpsons – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
The Cleveland Show – 1/2 hour (FOX): currently casting
Untitled Green/Root/Senerich Project (FOX) – 1/2 hour pilot: wrapped [This project has now been confirmed — and this is no April Fools — as a Star Wars animated sitcom.]

Note that no animated Disney or Nickelodeon projects are included in NowCasting’s list. If you’d like to see the new and continuing animated productions for each of these networks, toonzone has coverage of Nickelodeon’s Upfront 2010 and Disney Channel/Disney XD’s 2010-2011 Programming Announcements. Cartoon Network’s Upfront 2010 is scheduled for April 21st.

Backstage.com also has a comprehensive list of Animation Production Companies (last updated 6.09.2009), some of which are seeking voiceover demos (as noted). But make sure you not only follow Backstage’s advice for submissions, but also note the note individual studios’ guidelines for submitting demos. And bear in mind that in most cases “demo” refers to a reel of animation samples, not voiceovers.


Seth MacFarlane Animated Comedy News Round-Up


– At a private press event this week commemorating the 100th episode of American Dad with a cast table read for a future episode, Seth MacFarlane told Wired.com that they are moving forward with plans for a Family Guy feature film: “Fox wants it. We know what we want to do with it. It’s just a question of finding the time,” MacFarlane said. “That’s why The Simpsons took so many years to do theirs. It wasn’t because they didn’t know what they wanted to do with it. They just couldn’t fit it into the schedule. There’s so much to do for a weekly animated series — twice as much as you have to do for a live-action show. So, we’re finding time where we can. We’re in the early stages right now.”

And if you’d like to see a little more details on the American Dad table read press event, visit Entertainment Weekly.

Lauren Conrad discusses with TheDeadBolt.com her character from her recent Family Guy guest appearance.

Toon Zone reports (via The Hollywood Reporter) that FOX has already ordered a second season of Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show even though the first season won’t air until fall 2009. THR explains that FOX made this decision to keep the series “in continuous production and avoid shutting down and losing talent and crew, [and that] the pickup also ensures that Fox will have fresh episodes for fall 2010.”

– FOX Home Entertainment recently released Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy! (Uncensored) on DVD and Blu-Ray.

On a related note, Seth was honored as “Film and Video Person of the Year” at the 13th Annual Webby Awards “in recognition of his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy animated videos distributed through Google’s content network and on sethcomedy.com.”

– Seth MacFarlane was a guest recently on The Howard Stern Show. The audio is available in five parts via YouTube. [Caution: Contains adult language.]

HitFlix has an interview with Seth discussing American Dad, Family Guy, Stewie Griffin’s guest appearance on Bones, and upcoming cameos by sitcom cast members from How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

Previous news: 3.25.2009 — FOX Announces ‘The Cleveland Show’ Voice Cast.

Seth MacFarlane: “That’s not angel hair pasta!”


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane gets a hairy surprise with his meal in this video clip:

TMZ.com — Seth MacFarlane’s Hairy Lunch Date

MSNBC Interviews Seth MacFarlane


Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) was a guest recently on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann for a segment called “Gaffe Out Loud” covering clips from public speakers who have made inappropriate comments in the media. Olbermann, obviously a Family Guy fan, says of the clips, “In reviewing these oddities it occurred to me that these soundbites felt just like the flashbacks in the singular FOX comedy, Family Guy.”

Five minutes into the interview, Olbermann shifts from the clip commentary to discussing MacFarlane’s animated projects. Olbermann also mentions that he “did a voice” for the upcoming Family Guy spinoff series, The Cleveland Show.

Visit MSNBC.com to view the interview, and if for some reason it doesn’t load properly you can also watch it on YouTube.com or read a partial transcript on Newsbusters.org.

Previous report: 3.17.2009 — Seth MacFarlane in Court, on Hulu, and on ‘Star Wars’.