Voice Actors in the News Timeline

September 1999: Craig’s idea for a voice actors newsletter begins from his series of news posts on toonzone.net spotlighting cartoon voice actors. Craig decides on the title “Voice Actors in the News” and waits for an opportunity to officially launch the newsletter.

November 16, 1999: The first published use of the title was as a headline — “Voice Actors in the News: Mary Kay Bergman Passes” — for a tribute article to animation voice actor Mary Kay Bergman who died tragically on November 11, 1999. But since the timing didn’t seem right to introduce the newsletter, the headline was changed to simply “Farewell, Mary Kay Bergman.”

January 8, 2000: The premiere issue of “Voice Actors in the News” is published at toonzone.net and becomes the web’s first fanzine devoted entirely to voice actors in animation. An archive copy is unfortunately not available, but it featured Nancy Cartwright, Jonathan Winters and the casts of Rugrats and Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast.

July 25, 2000: After a popular voice actors fan forum is forced to close temporarily due to technical issues, Craig launches The Voice Actors Appreciation Society on egroups.com (which would later become Yahoo Groups) to offer a community for voice actor enthusiasts (long before such groups were referred to as “social networking sites”).

July 29, 2000: Although still a contributor at toonzone, Craig begins self-publishing his newsletter as an exclusive to The Voice Actors Appreciation Society. (Archives of most back issues are available through a free group membership.)

At the close of 2008, the newsletter had over 500 subscribers, but Craig desired to reach a wider, less-exclusive audience than those who were already voice actor fans.

March 6, 2009: The newsletter is upgraded to a WordPress blog.

April 3, 2009: In less than a month, Craig published his 100th entry on the blog and was also averaging about 40 readers per day.

November 15, 1999: During a personal hiatus, Craig chimes in to commemorate the blog’s 10th Anniversary.

May – November, 2010: The blog staff expands from one to eight with the addition of Contributors Doreen Mulman, Jeff Birnbaum, Mark Allen Jr, Ashley Trayder, Sonia Lai, Rosemary Ward, and the blog’s first contributing industry professional Kyle Hebert.


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