Video Games That Make *You* The Voice Actor (Part 4)

Continuing our series on advances in technology which will enable gamers to provide their own voices for video games…

Following a live presentation for the upcoming PS3 exclusive video game LittleBigPlanet 2, reports that gamers will be able to record their own voices for Sackbot or Sackboy’s digital performance.

“There is no swear-filter,” NowGamer says. “In fact, you can record you own voice or the voice of just about anybody and apply it to everything, from that happy dancing sunflower, through to inanimate level components.”

Addendum: 8.25.2010 — Didn’t want to create a new post for this one since it’s technically not a video game, but social networking site allows members to chat in real time as computer-animated characters in themed 3D environments from such properties as Disney, Warner Bros and Video Games, as well as an entire neighborhood for role-playing as Anime-themed characters.

This seems like it would be a fun exercise in creativity for voice acting hobbyists and animation fans.

IMVU introduced a Voice Chat feature in March 2010 allowing members to use their “real voice or a voice effect” for the site’s public chat rooms. They have since suspended this service for their public chat rooms due to member complaints, although it is still available for private chats between members and groups.

The site’s admin is currently accepting suggestions from members for voice effects they feel should be added in the future.


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