It’s Frivolous List Friday!

Because people love lists! That’s why!

– lists “15 doodles by celebrities” including Pamela Adlon (King of the Hill, Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot), Jason Alexander (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Duckman), Tim Allen (Toy Story series), Gary Cole (Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law), Tim Conway (SpongeBob SquarePants), Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy) and John Hurt (Hellboy Animated, Valiant).

– lists “The Top 9 Characters You Didn’t Know Shared the Same Voice” [Actually, Spike, there’s no surprises there for voice actor fans like myself. But it’s nice to see them given exposure!]

– listifys “10 Hot Geek Celebrities We Love To Love”. [Interestingly enough, all but one has done voice acting too.]

– members continue to list “Voice Actor Surprises.”

And one of my own lists through the blog:

The Top 10 Voice Actor Name Searches on “Voice Actors in the News”:

10. Cree Summer (Drawn Together, Codename: Kids Next Door)
9. Dal McKennon (Gumby, The Archies)
8. Weird Al Yankovic
7. Danica Lee (The Wonder Pets)
6. Tara Strong (Chowder, Drawn Together)
5. Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show)
4. Bret Iwan (Mickey Mouse)
3. Mike Henry (The Cleveland Show, Family Guy)
2. Nicky Jones (Chowder)
1. Hal Sparks (Tak & The Power of Juju, Robot Chicken)

On a technical level, Nicky Jones is actually the top-searched name on this blog when you factor in all the various searches for “chowder voice,” “chowder voice actor,” and “voice of chowder.” Congrats, Nicky!


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