Michael Bell To Appear at 2010 NY Comic-Con

The news item originally published here on 5.04 has been removed at the request of Hasbro.

Image courtesy of Michael Bell

Michael Bell has given Voice Actors in the News permission to be the first to announce that he will be a guest at the New York Comic-Con October 8-10, 2010. And he adds that he will be a guest for the UK’s Auto Assembly Transformers convention in 2011.

Bell revealed in December 2009 that he had auditioned for both the new Transformers and G.I. Joe series (previously reported here) being produced by the new Hasbro/Discovery joint cable network “The Hub” (previously reported here).

ForcesofGeek reported 5.01 that Hasbro officially announced the title of the series at JoeCon 2010 as G.I. Joe Renegades which Hasbro confirmed will also premiere will the new network launch on October 10, 2010.

FOG’s coverage of Hasbro’s JoeCon presentation also offers details on what fans can expect in the first season of Renegades:

– A 2-part pilot with a total of 26 episodes.
– Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow focus for episodes 7-8.
– Animation in traditional 2D, hand-drawn style “with extensive focus on light and shadow [and the] backgrounds appear to have a watercolor look.”

It was also announced that the new series is a relaunch with a “Year One” approach and “no continuity with prior classic series, Resolute or the film series.”

Ginny McSwain is serving as Renegades‘ voice director.

As as for an update on Bell being cast in any roles on The Hub’s new Transformers series (now officially confirmed as Transformers: Prime, he says, “So far no bites.”

Bell is also an avid supporter of animal rights, and would like to ask fans to spread the word and share their support for the following websites and organizations:


Special thanks to Michael Bell for giving “Voice Actors in the News” the opportunity to share this news with the fans. And thanks to The Huntsman for the heads-up on the new TF series title via toonzone’s forums.

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