Frivolous List Friday V

I seem to have created a trend — has credited me with “Frivolous List Friday.” (Take that, naysayers who say nay to making something “new” on the internet.)

Anyway, so here’s the latest entry in my series of frivolous lists of lists:

– lists “101 Audio Pros on Twitter”

– boasts a comprehensive “Voiceover Links of Interest”

– forum members list “Characters Based on [Then-]Contemporary Celebrities”

– has begun keeping a running list of celebrity voiceovers in commercials (for which I’ve contributed a few entries).

– forum members vent their “Voice Acting Pet Peeves”

– forum members listify their “Fantasy Anime Dub Casting” picks.

– Marc Cashman shares “12 Top Voice Over Skills”

And this last one is just for kicks:
– UK Vox Master Philip Banks lists “The Top 14 Voiceoverists Tips Ever”

Next time, a few lists of my own.


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