Monthly Blog Mailbag: February 2010

Welcome to another new blog feature where I answer questions and respond to feedback I get via e-mail and publish unintentionally amusing spam comments.

Now, spam comments are the bane of every blogger. Thankfully, WordPress’ Akismet software filters such crap which can be easily mass-deleted.

However, I guess maybe it’s my compulsive nature that I still read spam comments, even though I know they’re usually utterly random (submitted via spamming spider-bot software) and unrelated to the blog topic or the blog itself. But sometimes, that’s what makes them funny.

And so it becomes posting fodder for your amusement as well:

– Comment on ‘SpongeBob’ Voice Cast Featured in Magazine (which included a video of Tom Kenny performing):

I liked reading this post. Thank you for this information. But could you please consider adding more videos to your posts? Some people would rather watch videos than read text.

My response: If you would rather watch videos than read my blog, there’s this site — maybe you’ve heard of it — called YouTube. It’s full of everything you could possibly want to watch in a video, and a lot of crap that either you’d rather not watch or that you end up wasting your time watching. Either way, you’re wasting your time, and that’s what teh internets is all about!

– Comment on a post about Celebrity doppelgangers:

I think I first came across your website via a link on Twitter. I fancy the way you write and I am going to subscribe to read more whenever I can. Oh yeah, are you on Twitter yet?

Yes (@voiceroy). I’m the one who posted the link on Twitter.

– Comment on a post about Nancy Cartwright appearing at an event:

You are posting too quickly. Slow down.

You are posting spam. Stop it.

– Another comment on a post about Nancy Cartwright:

This was a nice post! I am looking for some related pictures. Anybody got some good ones?

Yeah, you might try a search on Google Images. Or better yet, try checking that was linked in the post, for crying out loud.

– Comment on an obituary notice:

I Liked reading this post. Quite some usefull fitness info in it for me 🙂 . And after reading this i think you will really like the book [spam book title omitted]. To me this is like the health and fitness bible. Last year i lost almost 25 pounds and gained an inch on my arms in 12 weeks. What you describe here does resemble the book a bit, but there is so much more! I added the link in my name so you dont have to search for it 😉 . Again, nice post and i hope you keep it up!

Maybe you didn’t notice, but your spam post about “heath and fitness” is possibly the most off-topic, insensitive and inappropriate comment you could possibly make in reply to an obituary notice. It would be poetic justice if while out jogging for your health and fitness you got hit by a truck that was transporting copies of your book.

– Comment from “Shawna” on my 2010 Annie Awards coverage:

I was wondering if you have the link to the article?

Shawna, honey, there are DOZENS of links to articles in that post.

– Comment on a press release from Spike Spencer:

Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

Thanks, you’re too kind…especially since you missed the obvious fact that I didn’t write the press release.

– Another comment on a post about Spike Spencer:

Irgend ne Ahnung wie sehr das verallgemeinerbar ist?

Danke. Auf Wiedersehen.

– Comment on a post about Reggae archivist and voice talent Roger Steffens:

Have you ever noticed that any place there is hardship, you’ll find two posters. Che and Bob Marley

No, I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out, Mr. “pure acai berry supplements,” if that is your real name.

– Comment on a post about Shrek Forever After:

I dont have a checking account how can I place the order?

Send cash. Lots and lots of it.


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