The What I’m Pondering Weakly II

What the heck is “The What I’m Pondering Weakly”, you ask? Well, you must have missed the premiere issue then.

In short, it’s random thoughts on random Tuesdays. So let’s get to it.

– I find some interesting things through WordPress’ traffic stats as it provides the source of pingbacks/referrals/sites that link to my blog. I was pleased to discover that a middle school student linked to the blog as part of a “favorite blogs” class journal project:

I chose this blog because I usually like watching Spongebob a lot. This site not only informed about spongebob squarepants, it also informed about different movie characters. It was interesting to see the interview of the voice cast because spongebob’s voice is a very unique tone compared to other characters. I wondered how this voice cast was able to do it, and by the blog, I was able to be informed about the voice cast.

That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I never imagined a blog I’ve been doing for a decade solely for entertainment would assist in educating the SpongeBob-loving youth of America. I’m honored.

– A Toronto Sun interview with “Rush” drummer and lyricist Neil Peart mentions that Peart has “done cartoon voiceovers.” Apparently, the plural use of “voiceovers” there implies that a one-time voice cameo in an animated movie (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon) qualifies as a side-career to the dude who wrote this article. article speculating on the planned theatrical sequel for The Dark Knight ends with the comment: “…either recast Batman or get Bale to stop sucking at his Batman-voice. I don’t care if he threatens to tear the lights down.”

Quoted for truth. Christian Bale’s voice as Batman sounds like he drank a glass of saltwater between takes.

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