Rich Little to Perform Jimmy Stewart Tribute Show

In an interview with the Times-Herald, impressionist Rich Little announced that he has turned his impression of and close friendship with Jimmy Stewart into a one-man tribute show, “Jimmy Stewart: A Humorous Look at His Life.”

According to Little’s official site, the inaugural performance is scheduled for Friday, May 7th in Bettendorf, IA.

“It’s great fun for me to do,” Little told the Times-Herald. “I think [Stewart is] my best impression. I knew him extremely well.”

Little said he approached Stewart about the one-man show years before it came to fruition, “I said, ‘You know, Jimmy, I’m thinking about a one man show about you,’ and he says (Little becomes Stewart), ‘Rich, why can’t I do that?'”

In the show, Little includes impersonations of Gary Cooper, Andy Rooney, Dr. Phil and others.

“A lot of one man shows, for two hours, can be boring. I didn’t want to make it boring,” Little said. “So I put all the other voices in it. I want to take it to Broadway. I’ve been working on it every day for three years.”

Little adds that he’s also considering a tribute show to Ronald Reagan. Little’s friendship and history with Reagan is detailed on

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One Response to Rich Little to Perform Jimmy Stewart Tribute Show

  1. Orphie says:

    Will his secret footage of Melinda be included in the show?

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