Frivolous List Friday

People love lists. I’m not sure why. We seem to have a society obsessed with listing things, ranking them and then debating over why one thing is ranked higher/lower than another…often over really insignificant and ridiculous things.

Well, I don’t want to start any debates or start listing and ranking voice actors as happens on various fan forums. (I don’t play favorites publicly, and I generally stay on the objective side when reporting news.)

But occasionally lists come up in news searches which may have some relation to voice actors, but they usually aren’t noteworthy enough to merit their own news posts.

So I’m going to start collecting ones I find interesting and will begin sharing them on random Fridays as a blog feature I call “Frivolous List Friday.”

– First up is Mila Kunis (voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy and various characters on Robot Chicken) who ranked #32 in’s Top 99 Women 2010 Edition.

– Behold, Voiceroy’s DVD collection:
You “hardcore” voice actor enthusiasts and animation fans will note that I favor animated titles and various live-action flicks which feature voice actor appearances. blogger and lifelong animation fan Jaime Weinman (and fellow Animaniacs/Pinky & The Brain devotee from bygone years) wonders what today’s popular shows — such as Mad Men, Big Bang Theory, Bones and Cougar Town — would be like as 80s cartoons, and mostly voiced by Frank Welker.

(Weinman even squeezes in a subtle Pinky & The Brain reference. Nice.)

– Check out TVTropes’ list of “Pigeon Holed Voice Actors.”

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