Event: Voice of Zorak Hosts Rare Cartoon Showcase

C. Martin Croker (aka Clay Croker) — animation director, artist, writer and voice actor for several of CN’s Adult Swim shows (most notably as the voice of Zorak and Moltar) — will be hosting an encore presentation of his “To Hell With Hitler” rare 16mm WWII cartoon showcase at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Here are the details from the Facebook event page:

Event: C. Martin Croker Presents “To Hell with Hitler!”
Date: Tuesday, June 22
Time: 9:30pm – 11:30pm
Location: Plaza Theatre – http://www.plazaatlanta.com/

Show description is available at http://www.plazaatlanta.com/.

Clay has also been confirmed as a guest for Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA September 3-6, 2010.

Be sure check out Clay’s personal blogs:

Arglebargle!: Posts at random times of the year about random things that strike his fancy.

Adult Swimmin’: Featuring original “drawings, sketches, concepts, oddities, pictures and other blackmail materials.”

Thanks to Clay for the news via Facebook.


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