Rick Wasserman Talks ‘Planet Hulk’

Toonzone’s Ed Liu has a great interview with voice actor Rick Wasserman who spills details on Planet Hulk which released on DVD Feb. 2nd. Here’s an excerpt:

TZN: Was there any particular scene you can remember that really gave you a lot of trouble to get right?

WASSERMAN: Well, on a technical note, all of the roaring and screaming had to be right, even though a lot of the time, we didn’t have pictures. I didn’t get to see what this thing really looked like until the premiere, and at some of the ADR I got to see some pictures. But they’d have to describe to me, like, “All right, Hulk is leaping 60 feet into the air and grabbing onto a giant metal worm and tearing him apart like a giant FedEx package. Go.” And, you know, I would just give it my best and they’d go, “No no no! Not like that! Like a FedEx package.” “Oh. OK.” (laughs) So, they had a very clear idea in their minds what it should sound like, and that took some tries to get it right.

Toonzone has a review of Planet Hulk as well.

For more details on Wasserman’s work, visit his official site: RickWasserman.com.

Elswhere, Movieweb has coverage of the Planet Hulk red carpet premiere event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, which includes a brief interview with Wasserman.


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