Featured Voices: Dan and Mandy Nelson

WBJournal.com has an interview with voice talent Mandy Nelson, voice of Travelocity’s phone system. She shares her career with husband Dan is also a voice talent and a sound engineer.

Nelson says that voiceover gigs for internet video have caused a “major shift in the type of work that she does”:

The move to video took Nelson and others in her industry by surprise. The voice talent industry has done its fair share of hand wringing, wondering what the technological shift will do to their business.

“We were all wondering, ‘What’s going to happen to us?’ People don’t want to pay for commercials anymore,” she said.

While ad spending may be down, the thirst for promotion has only grown stronger. But now, companies are creating their own promotional videos and are hosting them on their web sites and YouTube instead of using more traditional media.

Nelson is also one of 80 individuals and voice talents involved in recording audio of U.S. health care legislation for HearTheBill.org.

[On a related note, I have been asked to participate with HearTheBill.org and plan to get involved soon. I would encourage other voice talents reading this to volunteer as well. – CC]

Dan and Mandy were also interviewed recently by ThePulseMag.com and their work, their background and how they met, and the article includes photos of the duo in the studio as well. For more details about this husband/wife voice acting partnership, visit their website: dandysound.com.


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