Nolan North in ‘Dark Void’

Following is an excerpt from an interview with “Dark Void” video game producer Morgan Gray (via Paste Magazine) discussing “the most popular man in voice acting” [their words, not mine], Nolan North:

Paste: With actor Nolan North’s voice so closely associated with Nathan Drake of the wildly popular Uncharted franchise, was there any concern that his voice work for Dark Void’s main character would be distracting for some players?

Gray: Nolan is everywhere now, isn’t he? When Nolan was cast and voice was recorded he was less popular, but yes, as time moved on we had some concern that perhaps our character might feel a little too familiar to some. That being said, he was still the best fit to bring Will to life, and I’m grateful for his contribution in helping craft the experience of Dark Void. That guy is a fantastic talent.

And just for the heck of it, here are a couple bonus video interviews with Nolan:

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2 Responses to Nolan North in ‘Dark Void’

  1. Rob Paulsen says:

    Great guy, great talent and a pretty good golfer…or so I hear. All the best, buddy!

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