Lori Alan Interviewed

Family Guy fan site StewiesPlayground.com has an interview with Lori Alan, voice of Family Guy’s news anchor Diane Simmons.

Lori says she based the voice for the character on an imitation of her mother “who did a lot whole of on-air pledge drive ‘acting'”:

She was a well known actress in the D.C. area, where I grew up, and she would get asked to do the local pledge-a thons for the local tv stations to help them raise money. She did a ton of Voice Overs and has this fabulous, serious, news anchor voice that I adore and was honored to use as my “Diane”.

She also reveals details on an upcoming two-part episode of Family Guy where “most of the cast are at James Wood’s house and…there’s an Agatha Christie murder mystery type thing going on.” She adds, “I will get killed if I say more.”

Alan also explains how she created the voice for Mr. Krabs’ daughter Pearl on Spongebob:

I knew she had to sound like the world’s largest, whale teenager. Girly, feminine, loud, bratty, spoiled, lovable all at the same time. My favorite episode by far, which I pitched to the writers, is “Whale of a Birthday.” Hilarious to have Pearl singing when she first wakes on her 16th birthday to the made up group, “Boys Who Cry.”

She also discusses working on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, what it’s like to work with Seth MacFarlane, and reveals that she is co-starring in the upcoming live stage version of “The Pee-wee Herman Show” which opens in LA Tuesday, January 12th (previously repoted here).

Click here to read the complete interview.


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