Dave Coulier Interviewed

The Shreveport Times has an interview with comedian/actor Dave Coulier (Full House, Muppet Babies, The Real Ghostbusters) who will be performing stand-up for a fundraiser in Shreveport, LA on Friday, January 15th.

Here’s an excerpt with Coulier’s response to what he’s been doing since “Full House”:

I’ve done many things, hosting various shows and doing cartoon voices for shows like “Robot Chicken.” And I do the “Bob and Doug” McKenzie show, an animated show in Canada that will be airing in the states later this year. But I also have hosted “Animal Kidding” on Animal Planet. I’ve hosted “America’s Most Talented Kids” and I’ve done a couple of pilots and I’ve also fashioned myself as a writer/producer.

And when asked what he does in his free time, Coulier says that he enjoys spending time with his teenage son, playing golf and ice hockey, and flying airplanes. “I’m a pilot,” says Coulier, “I took my first flight with my dad when I was 5 years old. I got hooked.”

Coulier’s other upcoming tour dates are available on his website: DaveCoulier.TV .


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