New Year, New Look and Barney’s Voice

You might have noticed the spiffy new header above.

A very special thanks to voice actor Mahmoud Taji of Taji’s Voice Emporium for his kind and generous offer to design this and a few other headers for my blog.

On a related note, Taji published an interview January 1st with Dean Wendt (official site: who has been the voice of Barney the Purple Dinosaur since 2001. Wendt discusses how he got the job, behind-the-scenes production on the show, and talks “voice” shop as well.

As a bonus, here’s an audio interview with Wendt from Nov. 2006 via


One Response to New Year, New Look and Barney’s Voice

  1. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    That is a cool header.

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