Comedy Central Cancels ‘Jeff Dunham Show’ reports:

Jeff Dunham scored the most-watched series premiere in Comedy Central history, but his “The Jeff Dunham Show” won’t return for a second season.

Following Dunham’s record-breaking October series debut that drew 5.3 million viewers, the puppet master’s audience dropped 55% for episode two. His December episodes episodes drew between 1.3 and 1.8 million viewers.

Asked whether “Jeff Dunham” has been canceled, a Comedy Central spokesperson said, “We have no plans to renew the series at this time.”

Under Dunham’s pact with the Comedy Central, he will topline another special for the network targeted for fall 2010, following his blockbuster 2008 special seen by 6.6 million viewers, as well as a tour, a DVD and consumer products release.

AOL’s InsideTV blogger Rebecca Paiement has related commentary on this story: What Killed ‘The Jeff Dunham Show’?


5 Responses to Comedy Central Cancels ‘Jeff Dunham Show’

  1. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    Well, that will make his critics happy. I doubt Comedy Central is trying to avoid controversy (two words: South Park), but maybe it depends on whom you offend? I’ll stop now to avoid getting political.

    • I once called myself a Jeff Dunham devotee, but his show was disappointing on so many levels. Without even addressing the issues that critics, bloggers and ethnicities complained about, the show just seemed poorly conceived and executed to me. It’s like they thought the show would stand on the merits of Jeff Dunham’s name and the popularity of his puppety characters, so either they just didn’t seem to bother writing genuinely funny material or they didn’t bother hiring quality writers. I barely got one decent laugh per episode, and just gave up after watching a few.

      • ShadowWing Tronix says:

        I never got bit into it (although I did catch some of his act, and I do like Peanut, the Jalapeno on a Stick, and especially the Walter bits he usually does), but my dad likes to watch it (and my mom watches with my dad). He wasn’t happy with the skit format, but liked the stand-up concerts.

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