R.I.P., Arnold Stang (1918-2009)

Mark Evanier is reporting via his blog NewsFromME.com that Arnold Stang has died at the age of 91.

This has been a rather depressing year with the loss of several voice talents, some of which I still haven’t gotten around to mentioning here. And there have been a few others besides Brittany Murphy who have died in December and haven’t even mentioned yet. As I’ve stated here before, I sometimes wait and take time to write a proper tribute.

But Stang was one of my favorite comedic voices and a great character actor. He will be greatly missed and I assure you a full report and tribute article will follow.

In the meantime, Mark (a fellow voice actor fan and supporter of this blog) shares an anecdote on his blog about working with Stang on Garfield and Friends. Here’s an excerpt:

He was a joy to work with. The only direction I gave him — the only direction you could give a guy like that — was, “Try to sound like Arnold Stang.” He did so with ease, like he’d been doing it all his life and he was perfect.


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