Mandy Moore on Voicing Rapunzel

Rotten Tomatoes has an interview with pop singer/actor Mandy Moore on her role as the title character for Disney’s next princessy computer-animated feature film Rapunzel Tangled which is slated for a Holiday 2010 theatrical release.

The article includes screenshots from the upcoming film and Moore discusses her character and other things celebrities commonly say about the animated films they’re cast for, such as the difference between voice acting and on-camera work:

“There’s a lot of imagination that goes into doing an animated film, and this really is my first proper, proper one. It’s a lot more draining than you expect. I’m sure you figure, you show up in whatever you’re wearing and you don’t have to be all made up and there’s no waiting around. I think because there’s so much that has to take place in your mind, there’s so much to imagine. And a lot of the time you’re not reading with anyone. It can be taxing in a different way than sitting around waiting all day on a set.”

Chuck star Zachary Levi voices the male prince-type for the film. Tangled is directed by Byron Howard (co-director of Bolt) and Nathan Greno (Bolt writer and story artist) with music by Alan Menken who scored such Disney animated features as Beauty & The Beast, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocohantas, and Enchanted.

Update: 2.19.2010 — currently has 20 names on its alleged “confirmed cast” list for Tangled, but by comparison the film’s IMDb page has only five cast members listed to date.

Update: 1.26.2010 — Mandy Moore talks Disney’s Tangled with the Associated Press:

Previous news: 9.11.2009 — Mandy Moore to Voice Rapunzel for Disney CGI Feature Film.



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