There be dragons here…

Just giving a heads-up that there will be limited-to-no updates until sometime next week due to my attendance at Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, GA as a reporter for Toon Zone.

However, I will have reports from all the voice actor-related panels plus photos to share when I’m able to finally get some sleep after the convention ends.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting nightly news updates with D-Con coverage at Toon Zone through Monday, and already in Friday night’s post there are some details of interest to voice actor enthusiasts.

Voice actor guests at this convention include:

C. Martin Croker
Charlie Fleischer
Neil Kaplan
Richard Epcar
Scott Houle
Bob Bergen
Vic Mignogna
Dana Snyder
Unknown Hinson
Bobby Ellerby
Dave Willis
Jay Edwards
Ron Glass
Rick Forrester
Michael Brady
Doc Hammer
Jackson Publick
Alessandro Juliani
Scott Adsit
George Lowe

And some of the “celebrity” guests who have also performed voice-overs for various TV/film productions:

Patrick Stewart
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Malcolm McDowell
Anthony Daniels
Dwight Schultz
Peter Jurasik
Lani John Tapu
James Marsters
Edward James Almos
Dean Haglund

And the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is making their annual appearance and live performance at D-Con as well.

And there are likely a few guests I’m omitting, but I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment. And normally, I’d include some of their voice credits in parentheses, but I actually need to leave for the con… like, 10 minutes ago. You can view the full 2009 Dragon*Con guest list (and their credits) at

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