Big Bald Broadcast Interviews Brett Weaver

Anime and video game voice actor Kyle Hebert (Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball Z) will be interviewing fellow VA Brett Weaver (One Piece, Witchblade) on the Saturday, August 29th edition of Kyle’s Big Bald Broadcast at 9 PM (EST).

In related news, Kyle announced August 28th via his website that he will be offering private voice acting consultation via Skype. Sign-ups begin Monday, August 31st at a rate of $75 for a 60-minute session.

As for the “bang” you’ll get for your buck, Kyle says: “You’ll get one-on-one professional critiques of your commercial and/or character demo and do script readings to help polish your acting skills. You’ll have my undivided attention for one hour to get individualized advice. The goal is to help you improve and get you closer to readiness to record an actual demo.”

Please understand that while I have known Kyle for the greater part of the past decade, what I’m about to say is a completely unsolicited testimonial. This is a great value Kyle is offering for this service. I can say from personal experience that getting this level of individual coaching and consultation from a professional does not come cheap. Kyle’s a seasoned pro and he’s going to be able to tell you what does and doesn’t work on a demo. And whatever advice and coaching he offers will be beneficial to both aspiring VAs and beginners. And I dare say even pros will find his insight helpful and informative.

And on the cost, Kyle also adds, “The average cost of private sessions for voice over cost twice as much easily, or more. Granted, there are more experienced teachers, all with different focuses and goals. I’m merely offering consultation. You’re getting someone with well over a decade’s worth of experience in radio, anime, video games, audio books, and commercials combined.”

You’ll find the full details of Kyle’s new voice acting consultation service on his website:

And one other item related to Kyle that I’ve been meaning to mention here for a while — I’d like to offer my congratulations to him on winning the award for “Best English Voice Actor, Male” from the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. Kyle was nominated for his performance as Kamina in Gurren Lagann and was up against some stiff competition from Samuel L. Jackson ­(Afro Samurai Resurrection) and Dave Wittenburg (Naruto). In early July, Kyle was declared the winner by way of public voting on

Here’s a recent KYLE TV video after he received his award in the mail, thanking fans for voting:

Kyle is currently in Ohio this weekend as a guest at Matsuricon, and has several more con appearances scheduled through November 2009.

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