Car and Driver: Celebs Are ‘Taking Over Car Commercials’

Car and Driver has a feature on the celebrity voices which have “colonized car-commercial voice-overs.” The list includes:

Denis Leary: Ford F-150
Matt Dillon: Pontiac
Richard Thomas: Mercedes-Benz
James Spader: Acura
Jeff Bridges: Hyundai
Donald Sutherland: Volvo
James Remar: Lexus

I suppose it’s an interesting list to note if like me you’re into identifying voices, but it’s by no means complete since C&D failed to mention Rob Paulsen (“Mr. Opportunity” for Honda), Will Arnett (GMC Trucks), Mike Rowe (Ford/Lincoln-Mercury) or Sam Elliott (Chevrolet, Toyota Tundra). Either C&D didn’t consider them “high-profile” enough to be considered for their feature or else the reporter’s research just wasn’t thorough enough.

Also omitted is mention of the late James Coburn, who had a fairly long run as the voice of Chevy before his death in 2002, followed by James Garner before Elliott was hired to complete the advertising campaign.

(Don’t ask me how or why I know such things. It’s a lifelong hobby and habit.)

And just since this article was published in July, Maurice LaMarche has become the image voice for Lexus (as previously reported here).

[Thanks to Donna Summers for posting this link to the Voiceover Ninja group on LinkedIn.]


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