Washington Post on Hiring ‘Cheap’ Pro Voicemail Recordings

The Washington Post has a feature (via PCWorld.com) by Zack Stern: “Professional Voicemail Recordings Add Value On the Cheap,” highlighting the products and services of SnapRecordings.com.

While this article has an odor of a paid advertisement loosely paraphrased into a review, I’m mentioning it here because I’m regularly asked about opportunities for beginners to get more experience as voice talents, and recording on-hold messages and voicemail greetings for local businesses is something I frequently recommend. It’s an exercise in marketing and self-promotion that beginners need to learn, and the experience is invaluable.

And for professional voice talents reading this, you might be interested to know that the “Become A Voice Talent” page on SnapRecordings.com is requesting “resume and demo links… to be considered as a featured actor or actress in [their] Voice Talent Library.”


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