SpongeBob’s Carolyn Lawrence Co-Producing Indie Animated Film

The Jacksonville Observer reports:

Voice talent extraordinaire Carolyn Lawrence has performed characters ranging from Cindy Vortex of “Jimmy Neutron” to the so-taboo-even-Adult-Swim-banned-it “Moral Orel” — to Sandy Cheeks, the rootin’ tootin’ Texas-born squirrel buddy of “SpongeBob Squarepants.”

Now she’s trying her hand at producing, with a project called “Monstroville.” Lawrence reports that her in-the-works animated flick is about “your basic hard-working family who happen to be ghouls and monsters.” Her “SpongeBob” cast mate pals including Tom Kenny have already agreed to lend their voices to the indie.

MEANWHILE: The 2004 “SpongeBob Squarepants” feature grossed $140 million on a $30 million budget. So you’d think another “SpongeBob” flick would be in the planning. But it’s not. “We wish,” Lawrence says of the cast’s feelings about a follow-up film. “The problem is, because of the way we function, the same team of writers and animators did both the series and the movie — so when we did the production of the movie, we had to stop production of the TV show. It gets kind of complicated.”

Elsewhere, Carolyn was interviewed in July by TheStarScoop.com discussing her background, advice on breaking into voice acting, Sandy Cheeks, and working on SpongeBob. Here’s an excerpt with Carolyn explaining the random moment that led to her being cast on SpongeBob:

You’re going to probably notice that my life has been a series of random events [laughs]. I got on Spongebob because I was actually standing on the sidewalk here in L.A. with a friend of mine, when another friend of his walked up and we started chatting. And she said, Oh are you an actress and I said, Yes, and she said, Oh you have an interesting sound. I’m doing a project right now, maybe you’d like to audition for it. I said of course, and she called my agent, and that was Spongebob. And that’s how I got Spongebob [laughs]. I don’t even try anymore to go a standard route at anything. I just figure I’m going to run into somebody at Starbucks [laughs] and something wonderful is going to happen!

Carolyn also mentions “Monstroville” in the interview when discussing her future projects:

I’m coproducing an animated feature. It’s called “Monsterville.” That would be my biggest goal is to try to get that off the ground. I’m really excited. I play one of the lead characters, but it’s also really fun, being creative in a whole different way. We’re blogging about it.

And here are a couple other recent audio interviews, courtesy of Carolyn’s blog on her official site — CarolynLawrence.com:

MZLiveOnline.com radio interview — download Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

– Carolyn guests on The Dennis Miller Show (July 24, 2009). [Requires paid membership to download.]

– Carolyn guests on Blog Talk Radio’s Olivia Wilder Times. [Fun interview — recommended listen.]

Carolyn also recently joined the Twitterverse: you can follow her via Carolyntweet.


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