Conan and Andy: Anime Dub and Dubber

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter visit the recording studios at Bang Zoom! Entertainment (producers of the Adventures in Voice Acting DVD) to do some anime dubbing in this video from a 7.24.2009 broadcast of The Tonight Show (sorry, can’t embed the video).

Also keep an eye out for an appearance by voice actor/director Tony Oliver (Robotech, Lupin The 3rd).

[Thanks to Kyle Hebert for the heads-up via Twitter.]

On a related note, Conan also visited the Foley stage at Universal in a 6.04.2009 broadcast, participating in SFX and VO for an episode of Law & Order: SVU. I’m not able to embed videos from on WordPress either, so here are direct links to the videos featuring Conan’s take on doing sound effects, ADR, walla and looping to hilarious results: Part 1, Part 2.


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