Newsarama Interviews Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger (Transformers, Duckman, Garfield & Friends) talks with’s Steve Fritz about Transformers, Comic-Con, and his upcoming voice acting roles. Here’s what Gregg had to say about Shout Factory’s new Transformers box set:

“I think the Shout! Factory collection will exceed all expectations,” says Berger. “They put so much care and devotion into the presentation. I’m sure the fans are aware of the main content, but they aren’t aware of all the ‘treats’ they’ve put in here. The packaging is coffee-table presentation level on its own.

His particular pride and joys for both sets are the extra content where he sits down and just chews the fat with many of the surviving voice artists.

“The idea was to have people from both shows, including me, just sit around and remember working on them,” Berger says. “There was some apprehension at the taping session about what we would talk about. Then Brian Ward from Shout! Factory just decided to roll tape and see what happened. The next thing we knew, it was an hour later and we had a full tape.”

“Actually, that’s pretty much the way we always behaved. Just about everyone there have had friendships with each other from long, long ago. In fact, I’m still great friends with all of those people. All we did was pass time, the way that we used to and the way we still do. I think the voice community tends to have the best jokes out in the lobby. It’s also a very well read community because when you get right down to it, we’re readers. It’s what we do, being readers and interpreters.”

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Gregg’s new “autobiographic audio CD” Think Globally, Act Vocally recently debuted — and sold out — at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. Gregg says via his website — — for fans to “watch for future purchasing information to appear on [his] site.” And he adds, “Wheels are also in motion to make it available on iTunes and CD Baby very soon!”

And just for kicks, here’s Gregg at SDCC 2006 sharing a story about working with Mel Blanc:


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