April Winchell Meets Judge Judy

Cartoon voice actor April Winchell (Tak & The Power of Juju, The Legend of Tarzan, and the voice of Disney character Clarabelle Cow for more than a decade) shares an anecdote and photos on her blog about getting to meet TV star Judge Judy.

April also mentions, “I was invited to sit in the front row of the audience for two cases, which means you’ll actually be able to see my pale and sweating face when they air that episode in September.”

[Caution: Other of April’s blog posts do have adult language and content.]

April also revealed via Twitter on July 28th: “First day of work on an animated Batman movie at WB and don’t know one person in the cast. WEIRD.” [Note: I am trying to confirm with April if this might have been for the upcoming Batman/Superman: Public Enemies DVD/Blu-Ray release, or some other animated Batman movie.]

Elsewhere, GeekPropaganda.com has an interview with April. [Caution again on adult language in the interview.]

And here’s a video clip I’ve been meaning to post since April (the month, that is), when April (the actor) appeared on The Martha Stewart Show as part of an April Fool’s Day prank:

April also blogged about the event here.

2 Responses to April Winchell Meets Judge Judy

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  2. gorillaman67 says:

    I doubt it’s for Public Enemies, as Bruce Timm confirmed last week at Comic-Con that the movie has already been completed. In fact, I bet they are probably going to press copies soon. I assume this is for one of the Batman movies we had heard about a year ago that were “in development.” Bruce Timm also went on to say that the animation for the next movie after Public Enemies is already coming back from Korea, which means it was recorded months ago, and there are two movies in the storyboard stage, which means they have also been recorded already. I would assume this is a 4th project. Great to see they are so far ahead of the release dates!

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