John DiMaggio: More Than Just a Pretty Face

With all the recent internet brouhaha over the Futurama recasting (which I’ve added yet more updates to my article in the last two days), I thought for a change of pace I’d show some of the lesser-known talents of Futurama cast members, starting with John DiMagggio (voice of Futurama’s Bender, Flexo, Elzar, etc.).

Besides being a great character voice actor, John’s also a stand-up comedian, a skilled “beatboxer” (vocal percussionist), singer, and musician as these videos illustrate:

– John performing live with indie rockers Common Rotation:

– John performs the “Superchargers” theme song at Comic-Con 2008:

– John performs stand-up and beatboxes at Jam in the Dam 2008 [Caution: Adult Language]:

[Special thanks to Save The Voices of Futurama Petition founder Dave LaFaive for bringing the Common Rotation video to my attention.]


2 Responses to John DiMaggio: More Than Just a Pretty Face

  1. accrules says:

    I never saw these videos! Thanks for posting them! I love this guy. He is one of the most talented and hilarious voice actors these days. (And Dr. Drakken rules!)

  2. Sika says:

    Great post! Can’t wait for the new Futurama-episodes.

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