Seth Green Can’t Stop Making Headlines

Seth Green has written another Comic-Con feature for Entertainment Weekly. This time, he’s joined by the creative team from Robot Chicken with a “handy guide to determine what might be appropriate” for costume wear at the con.

Elsewhere, has what appears to be a new version of the video promo for the Robot Chicken on Wheels ’09 roller skating tour, which includes celebrity appearances by Nathan Fillion, Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Silverman, Christian Slater, Olivia Munn, Michelle Trachtenberg, and others.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed this one here, so here’s the link.

Additionally, Robot Chicken-ers Seth, voice cast member Breckin Meyer, exec producer Matt Seinreich, and writer Tom Root go “on the road” with IGN discussing the roller skating tour, the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II DVD, and what might be in store for Episode III. Here are a few excerpts:

IGN: Can you guys talk about this upcoming promo tour?

Green: We basically wanted to do something really fun that included a lot of fans all over the country. And we thought the coolest way to do that was to throw a free party. And we thought we actually had to figure out how to tie it into the show so we put an insert into the new Star Wars II DVD, which by the way, has 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage, as well as 90 minutes of bonus features. [And] there’s an insert in this DVD that will get you into one of these free parties an hour before general admission.

IGN: What can people expect at these parties?

Green: Oh my gosh. Roller skating and all sorts of fun. Oh, and the band Gym Class Heroes.

Meyer: Since I just got out of rehab, a sober Breckin Meyer.

Green: We’ll have all sorts of surprise guests and stuff. We really don’t even know who is going to show up until they show up. But there are opportunities for other musicians that are traveling across the country at the same time as us to meet up with us and kind of jump on stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Breckin played the drums at some point. I don’t know. Tom Root and I might rap, who knows?

And on the Robot Chicken: Episode II DVD:

Green: [We wrote] the whole program as a longer-form program and had to edit it down to 22 minutes for broadcast. So when we went to the DVD format, we could either show the unproduced animatics or Adult Swim could give us extra money and we could produce them and then put the whole thing together with exclusive content. And that’s what we did. So now what we have in an uninterrupted [fully-animated] 35-minute program on the DVD….although there is a broadcast version on the DVD as well.

Root: Yeah, and a lot of the sketches that we ended up cutting from it, a lot of the stuff focuses on the bounty hunters from Star Wars.

And on Episode III:

IGN: So now you’ve done two. Is it even easier to think about the third?

Green: We’ve gotten it approved to be a longer format. So we’re going to take our time. I don’t think it’ll be any less funny or joke-driven, but we’re definitely going to have some good character storytelling.

Root: Yeah, with everything he’s saying, we cannot confirm or deny whether or not we’re doing a third.

Green: That’s true. It isn’t official even though Adult Swim announced it at their upfronts.

Seinreich: Adult Swim announced it on television during their Adult Swim programming block.

Green: It’s just funny that we don’t have it confirmed. We can say it, it’s just not true yet.

Seinreich: Let’s pretend it’s true. Starting right now.

Click here to read the complete interview.

And finally, Seth was a guest on the July 22nd episode of G4 TV’s Attack of the Show, and the video interview is already available on

No wait, I lied… one more thing: here’s a complete list of the bonus content for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II DVD, courtesy of The single-disc DVD released July 21st and is available at stores everywhere.

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