MTV Previews ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’

Click here to view MTV’s exclusive preview of the first four minutes of Green Lantern: First Flight.

The direct-to-video animated feature will be screened Thursday, July 23rd at the San Diego Comic-Con, and releases on DVD and Blu-Ray on the following Tuesday, July 28th. Both the Blu-Ray and 2-disc DVD editions of the film have bonus features which include appearances by the voice cast and voice director Andrea Romano.

The film features the voice talents of Christohper Meloni as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Victor Garber as Sinestro, Tricia Helfer as Boodikka, Michael Madsen as Kilowog, and Juliet Landau as Labella. Wikipedia has a list of the remainder of the voice cast, although this is not officially confirmed as of this posting:

Update: 7.22.2009World’s Finest has confirmed the full cast list, and here’s the complete listing for the supporting voice cast:

Olivia D’Abo as Carol Ferris
Richard McGonagle as Abin Sur
John Larroquette as Tomar Re
Kurtwood Smith as Kanjar Ro
William Schallert as Appa Ali Apsa
Larry Drake as Ganthet
Rob Paulsen as Weaponers
Kath Soucie as Arisia
Malachi Throne as Ranakar
David Lander as Ch’p
Richard Green as Cuch
Jim Wise as Lieutenant
Bruce Timm as Bug Boy

World’s Finest also has archived press releases (that I didn’t report previously) whic include interviews with Michael Madsen, Tricia Helfer, and voice director Andrea Romano.

Previous news:

– 5.21.2009 — Interview with Juliet Landau discussing her role as Labella along with director Lauren Montgomery’s thoughts on the voice cast.
– 5.11.2009 — Victor Garber on Voicing Sinestro
– 3.06.2009 — Andrea Romano Goes Green… (Lantern, that is)


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