Featured Voices: David Bourgeois

Pittsfield, Massachusetts’ The Berkshire Eagle has an interview with David Bourgeois, president and creative director for Voice Coaches Creative Development Group (VoiceCoaches.com).

While the article primarily serves to promote a voice-over workshop in that area, Bourgeois offers some good advice for aspiring/beginner voice actors, just please be mindful that these are his own opinions and he does not speak for other professional voice-over talents:

“You don’t break into this field. You become educated about the business and build success. People fail to recognize that voice over work is starting a small business. They create their own big breaks.”

“Less than 10-percent of professional voice-over work is in commercials.” Voice actors, he noted, are more likely to find jobs doing training material, video games and audio books.

“Some experts are predicating the audio book field will expand [five fold] in the next few years,” Bourgeois said.

However, he added the fastest growing segment of voice acting is for Web development companies where “two to three years ago there was virtually none and now its 60 percent of the business.”

Bourgeois said virtually all voice acting is freelance. Voice actors have to find their own work.


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