‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Video Features Voice Acting

The production team for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic video game released a video documentary on the voice acting:

SWTOR made headlines in June when it was announced at gaming expo E3 that it would be a “fully voiced massively multiplayer online roleplaying game…[with] hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue.”

SWTOR’s audio director Shauna Perry revealed more details about the voice acting in a recent blog post. Here are some key highlights:

– BioWare is producing “reams and reams of scripts, as well as, managing the writing/VO production schedule,” while LucasArts is “responsible for finding the actors, recording and post processing the dialogue.”
– The project requires “a very large team all focused on the same outcome – producing the most VO assets ever produced at the highest quality possible.”
– The game’s dialog script is 10x larger than the one for Knights of the Old Republic and contains an estimated 40+ novels’ worth of content.
– By the time the project is finished, they will have worked with “hundreds of actors – many on multiple occasions… [and] completed easily over a thousand four-hour voice-over sessions.”
– The voice-over is being recorded in 5 different cities: Los Angeles , London, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.
– The production team uses an audio pronunciation guide to maintain consistency.

With such a massive amount of voice acting, it’s reasonable to assume that SWTOR will surpass the previous Guinness World Record set by Grand Theft Auto IV for having the “largest voice cast,” which peaked at 861 actors (previously reported here).

The names of the principal voice cast for the game still have not been announced.


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