Article Updates: Weird Al Yankovic, Bill Kopp/Brad Garrett, ‘Chowder’/Tara Strong

I have been quietly adding some updates and additional links to some previous articles since last week, so since I can’t do “bumps” on previous posts, here’s what’s new:

– Due to a high volume of blog traffic from fans searching on Weird Al Yankovic following the recent opening of the “Al’s Brain” exhibit at the OC Fair, I have added nearly a dozen new links and updates to both my previous articles: Explore Weird Al’s Brain, and Weird Al Yankovic News Round-Up.

Bill Kopp has provided an update with a little more info [click here] on the Dumb Bunny and Jackass series he is developing with Brad Garrett.

– Added some info regarding an autograph signing event for Chowder to what has become the second most-read article on this blog since March: The Last Recording Session for ‘Chowder’?


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