Happy Birthday, Bill Cosby!

Wishing a very happy 72nd birthday to actor/comedian/author/composer/producer Bill Cosby, born today in 1937.

The Montreal Gazette published a great, candid interview with Bill on July 11th. When asked how he’s dealt with great difficulties in his life, such as the murder of his son — a case which remains unsolved, Cosby says, “Right across the hall in this house, I’ve been guided by my wife, Camille, who loves me dearly, and all I have to do is realize that and want her love. It’s all about values. And if we can value ourselves, then we can value others.”

Although I don’t get much traffic here from posting about “The Coz,” my readers will just have to forgive me for being self-indulgent because I’m a bonafide Cosby fan (as I explained here), and I’ve been collecting various other interview links and news items on Bill with the intention to do another of my notorious “news round-up” articles. Unfortunately, my time is limited at the moment and that will have to wait. But I didn’t want to go without mentioning his birthday.

In the meantime, here are just a few links published around the web over the last week:

– New England Sports Network blog: Cosby returning to pregame show (includes video links).
– L.A. Watts Times: Cosby Draws Crowd to an Essence Town Hall on Family.
– MLive.com blog: Bill Cosby reaches out to media to spread the word about Mott Community College.

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