Update: Justine Martin Found

Update: July 11, 2009: Julie posted the following via Facebook, Friday, July 10th at 9:35 PM:

We have learned through a very reliable source that Justine Martin is safe. We cannot provide any details but our family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support, prayers and kind words. We love each and everyone of you.

And she updated her status an hour later with “Julie Martin is finally going to get some sleep and I also want to thank everyone again for there love, support and prayers.”

No other details were provided, but it’s fully confirmed that Justine is safe.

My personal thanks to the several hundred people who linked to this blog and posted the alert via a variety of websites, social networks, e-mail, and forums (such as The Southern Casting Call) to help get the word out. I love that the internet can be such a helpful, useful tool in rallying support in instances such as this, where people come together quickly to help those in need. I wish many blessings to you all for your help and concern.

The following message was originally posted 7.08.2009:

Justine Martin (pictured on the left in the photo) has been missing since June 29th.

Justine Martin (pictured on the left in the photo) has been missing since June 29th.

Justine Martin has been missing since Monday, June 29th, and I am joining in the efforts to help get the word out.

Justine is daughter to talent agent Julie Martin — a friend and my voice-over agent for 2 years, and who also represented such noted animation voice actors as Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig), George Lowe (Cartoon Planet, Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast, The Brak Show), and Marsha Crenshaw (The Brak Show, Frisky Dingo).

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Justine Martin [Please click for a larger view]

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