Pat Fraley Presents: Study Under The Stars (and other upcoming VO events)

Veteran cartoon voice actor and voice coach Pat Fraley will be teaching a “One Day Advanced Comedy for Voice Over” workshop in Los Angeles Saturday, August 1st with special guests Brad Garrett (Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo), Ed Asner (Pixar’s Up, Freakazoid!), and Vanessa Marshall (The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy).

For more details on the event, including an audio intro to the workshop by Pat, visit

Pat is also hosting an “Accents on Dialects” master workshop in LA on July 11th, with special guests Phil Proctor (Rugrats, Dr. Dolittle film series) and Vanessa Marshall, and Pat even offers a free audio lesson on dialects as well. More upcoming dates are available on his website.

Additionally, on July 11th in Burbank, CA, anime voice actor and director Tony Oliver will be hosting The Bang Zoom!® Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop for Beginners, and both beginner and intermediate workshops in Baltimore, MD July 19-20. More details on these events and the upcoming schedule is available at

And I must apologize to my readers for falling behind keeping track of upcoming voice actor-related events in recent months. Due to my work schedule, I’m unable to keep up with them as often as I’d like. (I even missed attending a workshop with Pat Fraley here in Atlanta for the same reason.) But for those who have an interest in these events, here are some resources that have been very helpful for me:

Voice Over Xtra offers a very detailed and continually-updated calendar of voice-over classes and workshops and other related industry events.
Voiceover Universe: Events — not as detailed as Voice Over Xtra’s calendar, but still useful for staying informed of upcoming VO classes/workshops/events direct from the voice talents hosting them.
Voice Chasers added an Events page earlier this year which focuses primarily on convention appearances. is bar none THE BEST source for anime convention schedules and for cons with anime personalities in attendance. They also offer regular news, a monthly podcast, feature articles and con guides, forum, and an extremely-handy convention guest database for looking up individual con appearances.
– I offer a calendar of upcoming events for members of The Voice Actor Appreciation Society (listed on the menu tab), although I’m planning to move it to a new location in the future due to a lack of proper edit tools to maintain it.

I’ll be doing a follow-up post with a comprehensive schedule of events for the upcoming (sold out) San Diego Comic-Con as a handy guide for those who are attending to print out and take with them. I’m planning to attend as of this posting, but unfortunately I have some conflicts with my work schedule and may have to cancel if I can’t get them worked out in the next two weeks.


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