Pixar Dialog Editor Interviewed

Amera Rizk, who served as second assistant editor overseeing dialog recording sessions on Pixar’s Up, Cars and its upcoming sequel, is profiled in her hometown newspaper, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She says of working with Christopher Plummer, who voices Charles Muntz in Up: “It was amazing to work with an actor of such caliber and such a part of film history.”

Since Up was released in May it has earned great critical acclaim and over $264 million at the box office. And having worked on the film for 5 years, Rizk says, “I am so happy to see such a great reaction. Having worked on the material for so long, it is a real joy to share the film with fresh audiences.”

Rizk also offers some inspiring words on what it takes to achieve your dreams:

Her advice to folks who want to use their creativity as a springboard to fame and fortune is simple: persistence.

“If you want to become a working artist or filmmaker, you have to do it,” she says. “There is no one school in the world that has the answer. There is no one book. There is you doing it.

“You have to stay aware of every opportunity and find what you can learn from it. You have to pursue knowledge to make it possible. You have to assemble that knowledge from school, books, peers and jobs. You have to work hard.”


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