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Whenever I chat with fellow bloggers — especially those who also cover voice acting-related stuff — one of the first questions that comes up is “what are your top searches”?

Lately, and quite surprisingly to me since he hasn’t been in the news, for this blog it’s been comedian/actor Hal Sparks. For the last few weeks, I’ve been averaging about 20 hits a day (and higher) from fans searching on him.

Now, as a personal rule, I don’t normally cover “Hollywood actors” on this blog who have minimal voice acting work to their credit unless they are specifically talking about voice-overs. To date, Hal’s voiced the lead in Nickelodeon’s Tak and the Power of Juju, as well as characters on Robot Chicken and Dr. Dolittle 2, and most recently as the snarky, sarcastic computer voice “Mr. Q.” on GSN’s 20Q.

And since I haven’t offered much content related to Hal, I feel I owe something to Hal’s fans for their searching efforts other than a couple random posts which were actually intended just for comic relief here. And so, by “popular demand,” here are a random collection of recent links and official pages related to Hal:

– The Picayune Blog has a photo and review of one of Hal’s recent stand-up performances.
– Vloggers B and G video interview
– Kansas City’s Johnny Dare Morning Show radio interview
We Are Movie Geeks interview interview
The Boston Phoenix interview
The Hump Day Crew radio show interview with Hal Sparks trivia.
– Hal Sparks guest blogs for The Huffington Post
– Official YouTube Channel for Hal’s rock/metal/alt band: ZERO 1
– Official MySpace page for The Real Hal Sparks
– Hal’s official site — — says it’s “under construction” and that a new site is coming soon. In the meantime, there are links to his official pages on social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

Additionally, Hal will be a guest on internet radio talk show July 13. Click the link for the call-in number and to listen live, or to listen to the broadcast once it airs.

And finally, here’s a photo from when I met Hal at Comic-Con:

Me with Hal Sparks at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con

Me with Hal Sparks at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con

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