David Sobolov Interviewed

Cinema Blend talks with David Sobolov about how he got started as a voice actor, working on video games like Halo Wars and Brutal Legend (with Jack Black), and the new iTunes/iPhone game app iMEvil he’s involved with. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: What is the best and worst things about voice over work, in your opinion?

A: I love the variety. Everquest II is a good example. I recorded parts over several sessions totaling about 23 different characters. I’d show up at a session and never know what they were going to throw at me. That didn’t make me nervous…it made it fun. The worst things are the German characters where we’re talking about sausage…OH, you said WORST. It’s happening less and less in games, but it’s never fun when the entire point of a character ends up being how much lung tissue you can leave on the glass screaming for four hours. Thankfully, games are becoming a lot more cinematic and the characters are becoming a lot more complex.


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