Crispin Freeman’s Workshop Reviewed has a feature article reviewing the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy in Los Angeles (JVTA-LA) where voice actor Crispin Freeman teaches classes in script adaptation, voice acting, and Anime Mythology. Here’s an excerpt:

“They basically contacted me out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in teaching a Script Adaptation Class,” said Crispin Freeman. “I said I would be honored! I asked if it was all right if I also taught a Voice Acting Class and my Anime Mythology Seminar. They thought they were great ideas so we started working together.” But what are these two classes? The Voice Acting Workshop is just as it sounds. It’s a great opportunity to get insights from Freeman and his more than a decade’s worth of experience. Not only that, actors get a chance to take a crack at dubbing to picture, where they get to learn firsthand the difficulties that come with the career. The Anime Mythology Seminar is a bit unique in the JVTA-LA lineup. While other classes are more directly linked to developing skills that will help you in the industry, this is more just an analytical look at anime in general. Normally performed at anime conventions, Freeman’s Anime Mythology Seminar is an hour presentation where he explains how religious traditions in America in Japan lead them to create very different forms of storytelling in their animation.

The article also includes photos from two of Crispin’s workshops, and it’s interesting to note in the first picture who is seated in the front row (on the bottom-right corner ): Amy Howard Wilson, the voice of Nova on the anime classic series Star Blazers.

Crispin has been teaching voice acting workshops (beginner and intermediate) on a semi-monthly basis with JVTA-LA and also hosts classes at his various convention appearances. For more information on these events, please visit Crispin’s official site:


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