Ray Romano Talks ‘Ice Age 3’

CBS’ The Early Show interviews Ray Romano on reprising his role as Manny in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite what many people think, [Ray] really does change his voice to play the woolly mammoth character Manny. “I can hear it in my head,” he said. “People don’t hear it, but as an actor, you put a voice on.”

Romano added they’ve also added a new character, played by Simon Pegg, who steals the show, according to Romano.

Romano joked, “It kind of annoys me a little, but I get more money than him so that’s okay.”

The complete video interview is available on CBSNews.com. Ice Age 3 (in 3D) opens in theaters Friday, July 1st.

2 Responses to Ray Romano Talks ‘Ice Age 3’

  1. thepenks says:

    i like scratch (???) caracter… is most funny caracter on this movie trilogy.. how do you think?

    • I haven’t seen Ice Age 3 yet, but I agree that Scrat has been the funniest character in the series thus far. I wish they would produce a series of short films just with Scrat. He’s voiced by Chris Wedge, who directed Robots and the first Ice Age movie.

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