Newsarama Interviews Yuri Lowenthal’s Steve Fritz talks with Yuri Lowenthal about his recent role as Mr. Miracle on Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave and The Bold:

“[It’s been] a dream. I love James and company, with Mike Jelenic and Brandon Vietti, being part of the company. They’re my [Legion of Super Heroes] Family. I’ve always loved [Diedrich Bader’s] on-camera work, and I had gotten to work with him on Ben 10. So we were familiar with each other. And John (DiMaggio) and I work together all the time, I love showing up and seeing him there. So, needless to say, it was a fun session.

“Also, I’m a fan of the show, which always makes working on the show more fun. It’s kind of nice to see Batman go lighter than darker for a change, as much as I love the dark stuff. And getting to see characters like Bat-Mite and Etrigan and Plastic Man is just cool.”

The interview also reveals details about some of his upcoming projects:

– An independent film, Tumbling After, self-produced with wife (and fellow voice actor) Tara Platt.
– Lowethal, who voices the lead character on Ben 10: Alien Force, says that production on the show is “going great.” “We’re gearing up to record Ben 10: Evolution soon. I’m looking forward to it. I miss the old gang.”
– Upcoming roles: Emissary with Phil Morris, and Absolution with wife Tara Platt.

Previous news: 4.27.2009 — Yuri Lowenthal is a Samurai.


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